10 Best CPA Affiliate Networks [trusted affiliate networks] of 2023

The season of affiliate marketing has evolved to display advertising as a new phenomenon. Multiple scenarios are there for advertisers to make sure the campaign’s behavior as to their advertising goals. One such ROI focused affiliate marketing is CPA affiliate networks with high commissions.

CPC is now an old advertising tactic and CPA has totally replaced it with the power of ROI and performance. There are tons of CPA affiliate networks in the industry and it is a bit harder thing to choose the best CPA network.

You can also consider top CPI networks to boost your mobile app or a mobile-based business.


As an advertiser, you might be looking for in a CPA network –

  • Good Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cheap Mobile App Installs (if the advertising goal is mobile marketing)
  • Proper and Real-Time reports (Actionable Data)
  • Utilization of each penny spent on marketing

While you (an advertiser) are running a CPA advertising campaign with any affiliate network you must be focusing on a good return over investment.

Otherwise, your efforts are gonna end in smoke. More than just results, an advertiser dashboard that gets you insights about the number of conversions over the number of clicks and the number of clicks over the number of impressions and so on is a compulsory thing to make future decisions.

As a matter of fact, I (as an advertiser) will keep advertising with a network if my advertising goals are completed or nearby stats are achieved. And if those statistics are not quick, accurate and real-time, I won’t be able to take further action.

For publishers the things to consider are –

  • High Paying Campaigns
  • Direct Advertiser relations
  • Perfect Monitoring
  • Affiliate Tools to monetize each visit

Would you be selling your web traffic for 2 times less price than you’re getting from another advertiser? Such a foolish act if you do.

Are you going to gather as much money as possible? Yes. Absolutely yes if it is not a vice.



The top favorite CPA affiliate networks around the world is Adlane. It provides comprehensive solutions for monetizing websites via advertising, from identifying which ads perform best on your site to setting up conversion analytics to determining the effectiveness of each placement in bringing visitors back to your page.

Join Adlane Here

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OGads is such a great affiliate network that you can use to unlock a real passive income. If you have enough quality traffic of mobile users, OGads will help you monetize it and fill up your bank accounts.

Affiliates with OGads are earning more than $1000/mo which is a great treat. However, if you have a great hand in media buying, you can also multiply your revenue easily.

Join OGads Here


Leadbit is the top CPA affiliate network that deals in CPA and CPL campaigns in multiple verticals and has got worldwide affiliates.

You can promote gambling, dating, finance, Nutra and sweepstakes offers. Leadbit Team is professionals that have a unique strategy.

What you can get in Leadbit:

  • Own apps for Gambling and Dating
  • High bids
  • Weekly payments + personal payment conditions
  • Exclusive offers and MULTI GEO
  • CPA tools for the most effective and popular tracking systems, spy-services and etc.
  • Advanced analytics
  • Leadbit Store with cool prizes
Join Leadbit Here

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Clickbooth stands as the best CPA affiliate network in this roundup of the industry leaders in CPA marketing. Clickbooth has been in the business for more than 15 years. That’s why it has the experience and a close viewpoint of the business.

  • Clickbooth has been in the news for being the no 1 CPA network many times
  • Performance is the only thing that is given priority over anything else
  • Dedicated support is what I love about their network


One of the most popular and reputed affiliate marketing networks that have direct advertiser and premium publishers delivering the best ROI is MaxBounty.

Moreover, getting approved as a publisher in the MaxBounty network is not an easy nut to crack.

  • Visible Campaign details without signing up in the dashboard
  • An in-house proprietary platform for tracking and monitoring
  • Weekly Affiliate Payments


lemonads dashboard

Well known name in the affiliate market where as a publisher you can find exclusive campaigns and outstanding payout on each conversion.

  • Free affiliate training and bonus campaigns
  • Over 300 positive reviews
  • In house tracking system for insightful marketing
  • Amazing offers and smartlink integration
  • Efficient tracking and postbacks

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I am watching adworkmedia since I started digital marketing and came into the world of affiliate marketing.

  • Advanced content locking and offer wall system
  • The different and unique advertising environment
  • Innovative affiliate tools


CPALead has been in dark time recently. However, CPALead is maintaining its position in the top 10 CPA networks in the world only because it has outstanding campaigns that convert. Furthermore, CPAlead’s content locker concept was a revolution int the field.

Well, I am yet annoyed with the campaign tracking when clicking a preview link opens another offer landing page. This has to be fixed by them yet.

Matomy Media

Matomy Media Group is one of the best affiliate marketing networks worldwide where you can be sure that you’re going to get the best Return on investment.

It is because you get a FREE consultation with the marketing expert before making and launching your first CPA campaign.

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Conclusion – the best CPA affiliate Network of 2021

CPA marketing is a great way to earn and bank thousand and millions of dollars in your PayPal or Bank account. But I recommend you not to get into the trap of fraud and scam affiliate networks.

That is why I have gathered the trusted CPA affiliate networks so that you partner with only good names in the industry.

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