The Best Email Marketing Trends That Would Be A Help To You In 2018

2017 was indeed a successful year for email marketing businesses. According to the recent facts, billions and billions of people use email all over the world.

The number is increasing day by day. It is said to increase a lot more in 2018. The email was said to be dead but that’s false. Day by day email is getting stronger.

Email is becoming the top channel for earning revenue for marketers. Email is and will continue to dominate the market.

Here are some of the best trends in email marketing you can expect to see in the coming year that is 2018:

Interactive Emails

What kinds of emails you send largely depends on your target audience. For obtaining a rate of engagement, you can make your emails fun. It helps you in getting a good response and to reduce the rate of bounce. This can totally be done by creating emails that interact with the reader.

According to the facts and polls, interactive Emails are said to make a huge impact in the Industry of email marketing. This fact is believed by more than 26% of email marketers.

Now is the era where people love interactive emails. They love emails that include quizzes, search bars, surveys or image galleries etc. You can look forward to seeing this trend in the coming year.

You can also expect a lot of ‘Add to cart’ buttons and Polls in the emails of the future.

Growth Of Email List Segmentation

When you want to send more email campaigns that are effective and that boosts your email rates, list segmentation helps you.

Email list segmentation has turned out to be the best strategy for generating emails that are opened. 14% of emails get 100.95% clicks. All this has been possible because of email list segmentation.

But there are small businesses that don’t know about this plan. They don’t use list segmentation in their marketing strategies.

This makes them unaware of the advantages they’re getting with email list segmentation. But with the passage of time, most of the marketers are applying this technology. This is because they want to use this for their gain.

And in 2018 we can expect people to use this strategy a lot. Marketers will be collecting a lot of data so that they can make better email campaigns. This will be effective for retargeting.

You can also expect a lot more than just email and names in the email forms.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Email Marketing

Day by day artificial intelligence is evolving. Technology is also setting foot towards a new, better and easier future. This will be possible with the help of AI.

Email marketing will also be powered by the science of artificial intelligence. We can hope that this will help the email marketers and make things easier.

Many companies have already invested in marketing that is powered by artificial intelligence. Some of the companies already have nice features that use artificial intelligence.

For example the ability to give you good subject lines to use in emails. Many companies are making more intelligent features like suggesting effective pictures to use in promotional emails.

In the near future, you can expect things to be a whole lot easier than before. Email marketing will get a lot easier. The AI will suggest us with options to make our emails even better. This will help in targeting better individuals.

Mobile Comes First

Most of the clients which marketers receive are working with Mobile. As the technology is developing everything can be done with just a smartphone.

Mobile is being used more than desktops and laptops. In the coming year, emails will be redesigned and made more mobile friendly. People will be getting the email subscription forms on mobile as well. Email campaigns will have mobile users as their priority.

You’ll be getting different and creative ways for increased email conversations on mobile devices.

So these were the trends that we’re going to see in the upcoming years. Things will get easier and friendly for beginners. Make sure you read the article carefully to understand the changes that are going to occur. Social media is going to change for perfect Facebook video.