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With the succeeding technology, it has become easy to deal with a person sitting miles away. You can do it through free video and audio calls that gives you the feel of the physical meeting. Where there is a huge mark of applications like Skype, Facebook, Viber and many other, there is an application that is specifically meant for official meetings on the internet. Blizz is the application that brings out a great competition for other free video and audio calling apps available in the market.

What Blizz does?

A perfect application for online meeting and collaboration, Blizz is there for easy gathering with amusing and strong space. If you are fed up with conversations full of joints and layers which may distract the purpose of the meeting, Blizz is the right choice for you. The application provides you smooth and seamless setup for a successful meeting. Also, it facilitates the new users to enter a meeting with ease. Blizz works with an enjoyable and friendly interface as it proffers a crystal clear video and audio calls along with screen sharing quality.

Blizz is the app that helps build an effective connection between family, friends, and colleagues. All you need to have is your meeting ID which can be accessed using the local dial-in number. So, it brings together the entire group with an easy and free process.

How does it work?

Blizz is a wonderful app when it comes to meeting on the internet with up to 300 people at a time. The app offers a high definition video and audio calls which follows few easy process to come in handy. You can download the app from Play Store, App Store or The application works step by step to avoid any possible confusion.

For the fresh meeting, all you need to do is register your dial-up number and email ID with Blizz and it will take you to further step. Using this information, you can easily set your password and ID for the meeting you want to hold.

Furthermore, everything becomes easy as soon as you log in with the meeting ID that will facilitate you with features like screen sharing, video call or audio call. The members of the meeting will simply pop up on the screen to continue the meeting.

For the member of the meeting, you just need to have the meeting ID. Simply, login to the meeting and you are all set to carry on the meeting with your friends, family, and colleague.

What are its benefits?

Blizz by TeamViewer

The app not only limits itself to just being a meeting and collaboration system. It is beneficial in other ways as well. Let us have a look at certain advantages it offers.

Settings: You are allowed to adjust the settings related to calls that include microphones and headphones. These settings will facilitate a better understanding of the meeting considering your own comfort.

Screen share option: Screen share system turns out to be a significant thing for a successful meeting. It will take the other members on the same page you are heading to meeting too. Moreover, through screen sharing, one can easily showcase their presentation for a perfect meeting.

Sharing files: Other than sharing screen on the live meeting, one can also share other files. These files can be important documents, images, charts and all for a better understanding of the meeting.

Community button: If you still have some unanswered queries or facing any difficulties in accessing the application, Blizz is always there with its customer care team. By simply pressing the community button, you are there to ask your doubts directly to the team who are there for customer satisfaction.

Friendly accessibilities: There is no need for long sign up processes to carry on the meeting as you can easily start it using your ID. With a single click, one can easily bring together people from contact to hold a meeting. Therefore, just send your ID to the people and you are all set to go to the meeting.

Security: With all the exchange of important files, documents and other information, there is no need to worry about the security of the meeting. Blizz is a trusted device that requires verification before continuing to the meeting. Also, there is an end to end data encryption.

Other benefits: The high-quality calls will let you have the feeling of a face to face meeting. Apart from it, the members can contact from there favorite audio channels. These channels vary from high-quality VoIP to local Dial-in number. Also, everything is accessible free of cost with the limit of up to 5 participants which is worth a splendid collaboration.


The application is available in both iOS and Android devices which could be downloaded either from the app store or Play Store or even downloaded from the website As far as its accessibility is concerned, the app proffers a friendly usage from any device.

Talking about the availability, the app brings together more than 300 people at the same time with different packages. The packages begin free of cost for up to 5 participant which is available in 10 different countries. Further, it goes on to $6, $14 and $19 per month accessible to 300 people together in more than 30 countries.

Wrapping up

With all the facilities offered by TeamViewer industry, Blizz will never leave any chance of disappointment as far as a successful online meeting is concerned. This can be understood through the experience of more than 35 million users who enjoy trusted features, point to point encryption, two- factor authentication, reliability and security offered by Blizz. Therefore, it offers an opportunity to deal with your close ones while sitting miles away from each other.

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