Best High-Authority Blog Commenting Sites In 2021

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Blog commenting has been a thing ever since the blogs came into existence. So much that after reading a blog, people generally tend to go towards comments in order to see any additional insight provided by someone. So here’s a special article on Best High Authority Blog Commenting Sites for bloggers in 2021.

The thing about the comments though is that generally, a high-class blog will attract comments. The benefits of the comments for both the bloggers and comment makers are endless in scope. And there are many ways to make your point through comments but only a few ways to get it right.

Tips for writing good comments

  • You should be among the first ones to contribute to a blog post. There are no benefits of writing a comment when the number of comments is way higher to count. You can follow the blogs you are interested at regular intervals and comment when you have something relevant to add.
  • Your comments should not be present just to add to the numbers. You should be able to present your point of view in them. In fact, your comment should add a certain supplement value to the post. Try to be complimentary of the post instead of being all worked up against something.
  • Most people comment on anything without fully reading or grasping the details. You should avoid falling into such a trap. Remember, first you have to read the blog and understand it. Then, if you find something that can add value to the written material, feel free to add it.
  • You should be commenting using your own name, or e-mail address, etc. People will take you seriously if you are willing to put yourself out there in the world. Having somewhat indifferent details about yourself can make your comments seem iffy, or worse, can be compared to trolling.
  • The things that you have an interest in will bring the best out of you. You won’t even know how deeply you analyze those things and genres. The niche that you seem to enjoy will let you be free, and comment on something that will add immense value to the blogs while you add networks on your blogs.
  • You can’t just come on the blog out of the blue and comment on something. Chances are that the blog must have covered that thing in the previous articles, and now you are just spamming the comments making it all about yourself and how you are right. Avoid doing this.

Benefits of comments to the comment makers

  • The best thing about you commenting on blogs is that you can get familiar with the top influencers in a good way. This type of networking methods works big time.
  • This will help you in getting better exposure and making your own blog familiar to the members of the blog on whose post you are commenting on.
  • This way you are certain to bring a live audience to your blog instead of going for the quantity, you will bring the quality active audience who will be interested in your content.
  • You can also post a link to your blog or website to the comment. But be careful doing this, the link should be of extreme value otherwise it would look like a bit’s doing.
  • The last but not the least benefit is getting clarified on doing things and the working of the topic on which you are commenting on.

Benefits of the comments to the bloggers

  • Comments generally are a very good indicator of what type of content the audience wants. You are certain to have a good understanding of their needs by reading the comments. This is very beneficial to have consistency.
  • The length of the blog gets longer with every comment that is added to the fore, which makes people want to read all of it, and therefore spending time on your blog. If someone spends that much time on one post, they are bound to come back for more.
  • Comments can improve your keyword density because the comments generally will be on the topic you are discussing, and this means that the use of the keywords will be on the rise even in comments.
  • The most important aspect of commenting on blogs to bloggers is the increase in the well-informed material. The comments will add value to your post and will increase the knowledge of anyone who comes to the party.

As you can see making comments is beneficial for almost everyone. The only thing you should care about is how to be good at commenting while being on the topic and adding value.

Let us check out the top high authority blog commenting sites in 2021

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List of 130+ High Blog Commenting Sites in 2021

How to Find Out Blog Commenting Sites?

The best way is to search on Google and you will get all the search results related to blog commenting sites. You can search with the below search keywords:

  • Best blog commenting sites for SEO,
  • Top blog commenting sites in 2021,
  • List of blog commenting sites, and more.

The other way is to find out your competitors using an SEO tool. In my opinion, SEMRush is the best SEO tool for keyword research with accurate results. But you can try other SEO tools like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, LongTailPro, and more.

The advantage of using the SEO tool is that you get to refine your results with filter selection. When you analyze your competitor’s blog for backlinks, you will find some backlinks created through blog commenting.

You just have to visit those blogs and submit your comments. Upon your comment acceptance by the blog owner, you will get a natural backlink.

By analyzing your competitors for blog commenting, you can find out the best authority link building sites, since your competitor has already benefited.

You can also join blogging forums and share your thoughts & views. If lucky, you might get free backlinks.

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Bottom Line

In this article, I have some of the best tips to get high authority backlinks. The list shared in this article contains good DA and PA backlink sites with instant approval.

I will end my thoughts by saying that whenever you comment on any sites, don’t use fake id, don’t bluff, and don’t stuff keywords.

If you know some of the best free blog commenting sites, then do share with me and I will include them in the list.

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