Blogs don’t necessarily have to be a boring accumulation of analyses, and reports of the daily lives of posters. A variety of different kinds of posts and concepts can be used to spice up blogs and increase their popularity among readers.

10 blog post ideas which are absolutely guaranteed to make one’s blog more attractive are :

1)  Reviews of products (Product Reviews)

product reviewsReviewing books, products and films, if done properly and objectively, is a certain way of attracting traffic to one’s site. Most people like to go through reviews from a multitude of sources, before deciding to buy particular goods and services.

Moreover it is a great way of sharing your experience with a product, in a movie or with a book. Many people like reading what others are saying about a particular product, movie or a book.

2)  Comprehensive guides or tutorials

tutorialsFrom advice on how to start up a blog, to tips on online marketing, an extra bit of advice always goes a long way. Presenting guides or advise in an attractive format naturally helps in attracting more people.

you can share a worthy code snippets or a delicious recipe to teach others how to use that code or make that recipe.


3)  Posting travelogues

travelogueFew blog posts attract as many people as travel experiences, particularly when they are presented in an attractive way, with lots of pictures thrown in. The wanderer in us is always attracted to exciting travelogues, especially when they contain travel tips and exciting information about little-known places as well.

People plan journeys after reading about the experience of others over there. Talking about places around the world is a great kind of content and that’s why many travel bloggers are earning than a celebrity does.

4) Writing a short story

short storyLetting one’s imagination flow from time to time in generating works of fiction is not only beneficial to the writer in question, but also stands a good chance of attracting an interested audience. From romance to horror, and murder thrillers to dramas, short stories have something for everyone.

Short stories are also very time saving where a reader comes closer to the context and receive the short message (sometimes its a big one) delivered by the writer.

5) Invitation to guest post

guest postThis is an excellent way of turning the odd lurker into an inspired contributor. Not only does it generate exciting content, but its also a good way of increasing interactions between blog owners and visitors.

You could invite writers of your niche or even expand your blog’s content coverage by publishing a notification that you will be accepting guest posts. Interested writers (either volunteers or professionals) would interact with you and your circle with expand.

6) Start a poll

start a pollThere are people who keep a very intelligent mind that they can conduct long discussions on any topic of their interest and that’s why well knows QnA websites are working with web2.0 model. Most people hold strong opinions on a variety of issues, and what better way to entice visitors than to give them a chance to express these views? Polls can also be used by blog owners to keep track of what visitors think about the content they generate.

You can ask your readers to speak about a common problem or cause. It is a great way to attract traffic to your blog.

7) Host an interview

Interview writingThis may not be the easiest thing for a newbie blogger to do, but hosting interviews of celebrities is another excellent way of attracting starry-eyed visitors, who can even be given the opportunities to interact with the celebrities in question through the blog, thus enhancing the blog’s profile even further.

People love to read personal stories and some chat with a known person of their industry. You could get a celeb on your blog and ask a few questions about him/her and post it with permissions.

8) Thank the audience

thanks post

This gracious step goes a long way in making the audience feel appreciated, and entices them to increase their participation on the blog.

It shows how thankful are you to your readers, fans and audience who supported your blog to grow and progress. It is a nice way to create a community of readers and it shows that someone is behind the words on the blog.

9) Post a quote

Think Outside of the bookThis is a great way of giving visitors an “a-ha” moment, when they see their own thoughts and views being reflected in the sayings of famous people.

It can be a famous saying, funny but meaningful message to your readers and the world. Mostly people do quote compiling and address it “event blogging” but event blogging is completely different from publishing only quotes.

10) Compile a list of jokes

m-ms-631865_640Some light-hearted humour always helps in allaying the daily rigor which most visitors experience, in their lives. They may even chip in with jokes of their own!!!

It is the beauty of a personal blog where anything can be shared without any hesitation towards the interest of readers. Share jokes or create a long list thereof to provide readers with ultimate laughter. 🙂