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Business blogging has gone mainstream over the last few years and business blogs are everywhere. The undeniable truth about business blogging, though, is that it also has an incredibly high failure rate. Why is that?

Business blogging is much different than traditional blogging. While a traditional blog was personal and promoted the individual writer or the content, the purpose of business blogging can be quite different. The goal may be to increase the authority of the organization, provide a human touch, communicate more effectively with prospects and clients, acquire leads through search engines, or provide a knowledge base to improve customer support.

A traditional blog’s goal is simply to drive as much traffic as possible, and perhaps capitalize on that traffic through advertising. With those goals in mind, the subjects of the content, the style of the writing, the usability and readability of the page should be adjusted accordingly. Your business blog should provide a path to engagement between customers and prospects and your company.

Corporate Blogging for Dummies explores all of the goals of business blogging and provides the reader, either a novice or professional, with all the tools and information needed to develop a formal business blogging strategy.

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