15+ Best Cheapest Email Marketing Providers in 2023

Are you also looking for the most affordable email marketing software? When you’re in business for yourself, you have to put in a lot of time and energy, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes. To succeed, a company must constantly seek new clients. Similarly, if you want to succeed, you’ll need top-notch marketing talents.

The term “marketing” is often used to refer to a service that is outsourced. Of the many marketing options available, online promotion is currently the most productive.

If you want to reach the most number of people with your online marketing efforts, you need to work with a reliable email marketing service provider. To assist you cut costs on your email marketing campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most affordable email marketing service providers.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or services fits him and sells him.”- Peter Drucker

The Best Email Marketing Tools in 2023

1. SendPulse – My favorite email marketing tool

Email Pricing SendPulse
Get $50 to use SendPulse

SendPulse is the best email marketing tool that offers Push notifications in addition to sending bulk emails to your subscribers. SendPulse distinguishes itself with its free plan, which allows you to manage up to 2500 subscribers and send them newsletters and push notifications.

Choose the pay-as-you-go option if you are uncertain about your subscriber count or the number of emails you will send to your subscribers.

Sometimes, you want to send unlimited emails and have unlimited contacts in your list of subscribers. In this case, Sendpulse becomes a very cost-effective marketing automation software that has all the features you want.

These programs are economical and ideal for businesses of any size. Also published on my site is a comparison between Sendpulse and GetResponse.

2. Kingmailer SMTP server

Kingmailer SMTP Emails
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Kingmailer is a provider of SMTP servers with servers located in the United States, India, and Singapore. This may be the finest value available for an SMTP server for your WordPress website, WooCommerce store, or any other web application. You may send limitless emails and add unlimited domains for only $9 per month. Depending on the plan, they will host all of your email traffic for 45, 90, or 180 days.

How does it work? Simply sign up, and once your account is activated, you may immediately begin sending messages. Kingmailer will take care of generating your SMTP credentials for you, which you can then use in any online application you like.

Manage multiple domains, monitor your email reputation, SPF and DKIM authentication, track and analyze performance, monitor email performance in real-time, and get complete information on sent and bounced emails are just some of the important features. There are many.

3. Omnisend

omnisend email marketing

Omnisend, unlike the other email marketing tools on this list, is not for everyone. Omnisend, which was designed specifically for eCommerce, has features that are unique to selling online via email marketing. With simple automation and ready-to-use templates at your disposal, you can be up and running in minutes.

Omnisend, on the other hand, does not stop at email marketing. You may integrate SMS and push alerts directly into your automation workflows, allowing you to reach out to clients at the optimal point in their purchasing journeys. You can definitely rely upon Omnisend for perfect marketing automation for your company and managing an email list of unlimited contacts. Sending unlimited emails is possible but not that cheap.

Omnisend has everything you may need –

  • Essential email marketing tools such as lists, automation, segmentation & signup forms
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • A free plan to start and take the trial
  • Powerful, tested and responsive email templates for every niche
  • A perfect toolset for the small businesses and enterprise-level customers
  • Comparatively cheap email marketing service with drag and drop editor
  • Automated workflows and effective email list management
  • Pop up subscription forms and automated email campaigns

Omnisend’s Standard plan starts at $16 a month and is based on the number of subscribers you have, and you can test out any paid Omnisend plan for 14 days for free.

4. SendinBlue – Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Price SendinBlue Cheapest or not?

Talking about various online marketing service providers, Sendinblue is one such service provider that serves at the price any businessman can afford. With its multiple features such as RSS to e-mail, email analytics, and stats for the same, it manages subscribers and much more at cheap prices.

The payment procedure goes with the advance payment to the number of subscribers you want to send emails to. The advance package goes from monthly, quarterly, to annual payments. On another side, up to 10,000 subscribers will be managed for $69.

5. MailGet

MailGet Email Marketing Via Amazon SES - Cheapest Email Marketing ever

To make your e-mail service powerful and strong in marketing, Mailget will provide you with affordable and cheap services. Being a fully hosted service provider, there is no need to get conscious of managing strategies.

Mailget has all the email marketing automation features

  • Advanced features to manage huge email lists
  • Pre-designed email templates and landing page builder
  • Forever free plan with basic email features and HTML email editor as well
  • Detailed reporting of your email campaign

Also, the service comes with different features such as email scheduling, Drip your emails, multiple SMTP integrations, Google analytical integration and much more.

The service fees depend upon the number of e-mails you want to send. Starting from $0.10 per 1000 emails, it goes on to different packages that would be preferred by you.

6. Moosend

Moosend Pricing for Email Marketing

Moosend may not be as famous as the other sites, but it provides equally responsible services at the cheapest price of all. It provides all the services required and, at the same time, comes with both SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) as well as API.

It offers payment for a period or else goes with the package that works with the number of subscribers. The package starts from 5,000 subscribers for $40 as the cheapest and goes to 8,00,000 subscribers for $2320.

7. iContact

Email Pricing Page New Icontact

With services such as online surveys, third-party integration, A/B testing (comparing two pages for better understanding), autoresponder, and much more, iContact establishes itself as one of the most affordable and best marketing service providers.

The fee is based on the number of subscribers to whom you desire to send emails. The charge ranges from $10 for 250 subscribers to $74 for 10,000 members, with the service provider providing a comparable package to the growing list.

8. Mailchimp

Pricing of mailchimp plan as the cheapest email marketing service provider

Mailchimp has carved out a niche for itself as one of the best and most affordable email marketing service providers. It comes with a variety of features, including A/B testing, which is the process of comparing two different web pages, as well as analysis and statistics, RSS to e-mails, and a great deal more.

Mailchimp is the elite email marketing software. Not the cheapest solution, though. Sending unlimited emails can be a bit costly for you.

However, the email marketing services for small business owners are definitely top-notch. All the advanced features you need to market your business with email marketing. Drag and drop email builder is the best feature you can explore.

Mailchimp has all the tools like creative signup forms, custom landing pages and marketing automation with intuitive drip campaigns. These features make Mailchimp the best email marketing software.

Mailchimp offers three distinct options: entrepreneur, developing business, and large volume sender. Each of these plans differs depending on the number of subscribers. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. The service is free for the first 12,000 emails and up to 2000 subscribers, and it starts at 500 subscribers and costs $10 per month thereafter.

9. Freshmail

FreshMail Email Marketing Software

Freshmail provides users with several useful features—including A/B testing, messages that are sent at the optimal time, auto-response, and many others—for a fee that appears to be relatively low.

Freshmail’s pricing begins with the first 500 members receiving the service at no cost, after which a monthly fee of $14 is required. In addition to this, Freshmail provides its users with a number of different discounts, offers, reward opportunities, and retail services.

10. Benchmark Email

Email Marketing Pricing Plans Benchmark Email

This service works best for the people you are who do not know anything about designing as it works with WordPad documents as a matter of simplicity and is streamlined.

You may personalize Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform’s emails, which can also serve as internet surveys for optimal marketing purposes. Benchmark Email is free for up to 14,000 emails sent to 2,000 subscribers, with prices beginning at $11.95 every 600 subscribers.

11. Sendloop

Email Marketing Plans and Pricing Sendloop

How can one forget Sendloop when it comes to the best and cheap online marketing service provider?

Sendloop is the simplest method for sending email newsletters. It affordably supports features such as application integration, list management, survey, and campaign management, among others.

Being an API developer, Sendloop offers e-mail service for up to 500 subscribers for $9 per month. One can also go with the package that depends on the number of e-mails you want to send, such as $10 for 1,000 e-mails. Isn’t it less than a coffee for you? That’s why it’s here in the cheapest email marketing providers.

12. Simplycast


SimplyCast provides its services through the use of custom templates, campaign management, the maintenance of sub-accounts, and cross-checking to ensure that the user does not miss any vital information. SimplyCast provides a trial pack for novices that includes 3,000 free emails. Users are drawn to the payment because it is the most charming pricing.

13. Mailget – MailGet is now Pabbly Email Marketing

MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Service Software Send Bulk Emails Newsletter

If looking for something that can work clearly to send e-mails in bulk to all the customers, then Mailget bolt is the thing you should go for. The user does not have to connect with any SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

All you have to do is just verify your mail and start with the work. Mailget is known for its cheap email marketing services and has all the essential features in the free plan. Advanced features are there in the upgrades.

At the start, you can go for the free trial package that would provide you email service of up to 9000 emails per month. After that, the paid package will start at $40/month.

14. Constant Contact

Email Marketing Software Constant Contact Pricing

With a great email marketing tool, Constant Contact works as the solution for making emails turn out into revenue. It comes with several features, like analysis, support and responsible for the emails, at just the price you want. Like all the service providers, it goes with the number of subscribers you want your marketing to reach.

Starting from $15 for 500 subscribers and going to $85 for 10,000 subscribers. Apart from the payment, Constant Contact also provides various offers, discounts, and money-back services for the betterment of the user.

15. Cakemail

Pricing Email marketing tools for small business Cakemail

Another service provides that provides the e-mail services with responsibility and in less time, Cakemail comes with different features such as list management with ease, analysis, statistics, work with support and much more. Through such services, users enjoy easy, simple and quick e-mail sending.

Cakemail’s prices range from $8 for every 500 subscribers to $119 for every 25,000 subscribers, beyond which a special bundle is required. The users get an enjoyable experience. Additionally, Cakemail sends emails without its branding embedded.

16. Streamsend – Now Campaigner


Campaigner is widely regarded as a top-tier e-mail marketing solution that offers competitive rates. The provider facilitates features including contact migration, list segmentation, opt-in/opt-out functionality, and more.

Sending unlimited emails to a huge email list is possible with Streamsend. Streamsend is the cheapest email marketing software and is known for its cost-effective pricing.

This cheap email marketing software lets you send unlimited emails to 5000 contacts for just $70 per month. A drag and drop email builder is also there to empower your automation efforts.

The payment starts with the plan of $19.90 for up to 2,000 e-mails and goes on to unlimited emails. One can also use its trial pack that works free for a period of 30 days.

17. Emma

Emma Email Pricing Emma Email Marketing

Comes with ready-made templates and cool visuals; Emma is known as one of the best e-mail marketing service providers that serve at a reasonable and cheap price. Emma works with trends because the surveys it makes in a few intervals provide the best information through its marketing skills.

Emma’s pricing for such services starts with $45 for every 2,500 subscribers with 15,000 emails and goes to the payment of $119 per month for unlimited sending e-mails to several subscribers.

18. GetResponse


Being at the peak of all the cheap email marketing tools, GetResponse is a responsive site that provides its best services at modest prices. Like all the other service providers, t comes with the features such as auto-response, creating an email, comparing pages, managing the list with care and much more.

Of course, the payment goes with the number of subscribers, which starts with $15 for 1,000 subscribers and goes to as many subscribers as you want to show your skills to and with the special package for an increased number of subscribers.

Getresponse is a well-known email marketing platform for its professionally designed templates and pre-designed marketing automation funnels. They had a free plan before. However, you can start with as low as $15 per month.

Which company gets the Cheapest Email Marketing Provider tag? Over to you.

After hearing about all the many companies that could help you market your business online using an email marketing tool, I hope you find the perfect balance between the services they offer and the price you’re willing to spend.

Use such SaaS tools to keep in touch with your valued subscribers, choosing the ideal one to experience the effectiveness of online marketing.

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