10 Critical Factors That Decide Your Google Ranking

Stuff your content with a lot of keywords! This is what an inexperienced SEO person will tell you when you ask him/her for a way to boost up the search engine result rankings. However, a seasoned individual knows the importance of other critical factors that govern the rankings. Here are 10 such factors that you should look out for.

Keywords in Content


Yup keywords are important. Although they are not the beginning and the end of it, they are important in defining the type of content that you post. After all, Google bot is not going to look through eyes but going to crawl the code and the code includes your text.



The readability of the content decides how easy it is to read the same. Do not try and use very unconventional language terms. Keep it as simple as possible to attract the audience and to give them maximum value from the content written/presented.


Accessibility decides how well can a person access your content. Good accessibility means that a person needs to navigate through fewer pages to reach the relevant content on your website. Accessibility depends on how well do the UX and UI design for your website blend in which each other.


We cannot stress enough about the importance of backlinks. The more backlinks your website has, the more support it generates on the internet. Google sees this as a sign of trust that other websites place on yours, thereby it boosts your rankings significantly. Professional SEO experts like HP Sangha‘s website aptly emphasize the value of backlinks and help businesses use them the right way for great SEO results.

Length of the Content

You must not upload very long pieces of content because people usually tend to through it. The ideal length of a blog/article about a single topic is 1000-1500 words. Anything longer than that should be divided into smaller articles and linked through hyperlinks.

Image Quality

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You need to establish a balance between the quality of the image and the web page loading speed. Very high-quality images can slow down your website a lot, which is unfavorable for rankings.

URL and Hyperlinks

It is important that you hyperlink relevant web pages from your website or other websites to increase the rankings of your page. This will help you generate backlinks too since other websites will willingly place their trust on your website for mutual benefits.

Mobile Optimization

A large fraction of the population browses the internet through mobiles and tablets. Therefore, you need to optimize your website content for mobiles to gain popularity.

Keywords in URL

Keywords in URL are as important as keywords in the content.

Meta-Title and Meta-Description

Most people will be attracted by a good title and meta-description for the page. Choose your meta-title as well as meta-description very carefully and try using phrases instead of full sentences to utilize the limited character space more effectively.

To have better visibility in search engine results, have a clear strategy focusing on these key aspects.