Ever since I started blogging/freelancing, there have been ups and downs in the life. Even before that, I failed to accomplish major milestones which I used to dream of.

Below is the consolidate list of the same:


Did not clear CPT (Common Proficiency Test)

With a childhood goal to become a Chartered Accountant, sat in CPT exams. But failed in the first attempt.

Did not join M.Com

Started working in a BPO and did not continue to learn my foundational skill: accounts.


First website was a BIG FLOP

Started with the only goal to earn money online (yesiamblogger.com) and failed to earn even a single digit out of that.

Left working on DroidCrunch

Failed to take it to the heights I planned at the time of starting up.

Went Jobless after Search algorithm update

Failed to create more than 1 passive income/traffic source for my blog.


Could not learn any programming language in detail and thorough except HTML & CSS