5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes that you must Avoid

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Digital Marketing has completed taken over the world of marketing in the past few years. Sites like Facebook, Google, Reddit and Bing are profitable only because they provide the perfect platform for digital marketing and that is something every company needs nowadays if it wants to keep itself in the public’s eye. Whether it’s a company that sells shampoo, a start-up that offers house cleaning services or a site that lets you play hall of gods, they all need at least some degree of digital marketing to generate revenue. This is the primary reason that being a digital marketer has become a very lucrative career.

Digital marketing is not an exact science and it can take a while to properly understand. A digital marketer is valuable to a company precisely because he knows how to utilize all the tools at his disposal in the best and most efficient manner possible. But even the most experience of digital marketers sometimes end up making mistakes which can greatly harm a company’s entire marketing campaign.

For this reasons, it is extremely crucial that digital marketers are very vigilant in their work and if you are a digital marketer that is worried about getting something wrong, then here are 5 common, but critical, mistakes that you must avoid if you want to become successful in your line of work.

Number 5:- Not understanding your audience

This is a very common that problem that most new digital markets run into right off the bat. To them, they just have to select a group of people from the default data provided by the platforms and just target them with the advertising.

This is the perception most people have of digital marketing which is an awfully wrong one. The default data that is generated by platforms like Google or Facebook is way too broad for running a proper digital marketing campaign. Take some time to understand exactly who the audience for your ads should be. It would take some time and effort before you are able to narrow down the targeted audience pool but at the end of the day, it will be much for rewards for the sale of the product or the services.

Number 4:- Not utilizing email marketing

Email marketing has lost a lot of its appeal in the past few years. After all, why waste time setting up and sending emails to potential customers when it’s just so much better to show them the ad on a search engine, right?

While cold emailing maybe a dying trend, email marketing is so much more than that. Once you have the email address of a customer who has displayed interest in your product, there is no better way to do a follow up than sending them an attractive email.

Not only will that email remind them that were checking that product out, but if the email has been properly constructed, it can help clear the doubts and queries that they may have had, which stopped them buying the product when they first visited your website.

Even if they do not buy the product after receiving your email, sending them regular emails with intervals of a few weeks or months can help keep your company’s name on their mind and once they do decide to buy the product, your website is the first one they will visit.

On top of that, there are amazing tools available online that automate a lot of this process so you only have to spend time while setting them up and the remaining tasks will carry themselves out on their own.

Number 3:- Avoiding testing

The lack of patience is a huge problem for people who call themselves millennials and most of the digital marketers hail from this group. While rushing into things is rarely advisable, when it comes to marketing and sales, patience and calculating your every step is immensely important.

Testing can be very frustrating, especially when you are very confident in the campaigns which you have created, but it is the best way to find out if a new campaign is going to be successful without stopping the one that is currently running.

Over-confidence in a wrong campaign can lead to a massive drop in the conversion rate which can be very hard to explain to your superiors, so conducting through A-B testing before completely removing the older ads will not only going to help you figure out if the audience is actually going to respond well to the new ones, but also keep your reputation and credibility safe from being harmed by a failed marketing campaign

Conduct A-B testing for as long as it takes before the numbers start to match the level of faith you have in your campaign and only then launch the news ads in the full capacity.

Number 2:- Not using the best tools

A sword can be used to cut a tree but an axe can do the job much more efficiently. The same goes for tools used to do digital marketing. While basic tools like Keywords everywhere are used by nearly everyone who calls themselves a digital marketer, better tools can be found if one takes the times to do proper research.

Using better tools can not only help with creating superior content faster, but they can also be used to get a clear picture of the market you are going to advertise your product in. If you are dissatisfied with a particular software or website that you use for a certain task, then taking some time to find an alternative will almost definitely prove to be a wise decision in the long run.

Tools like Ubersuggest that are not as popular or flashy as Google analytics—although there are some limits when it comes to all around functionality— are much simpler to use and their results are far easier to understand, and other such tools can easily be found if one is willing to look for them.

Number 1:- Forgetting that Content is STILL king

You can design the best looking ads of all time, you can optimize your website to be most SEO friendly that has ever existed and you target the people that are eager to buy your product, but if your content is not up to par, the conversion rate will never be satisfactory.

Having a lot of great content is still the best way to not only rank high on Google but also build a good impression on anyone who chooses to visit your website. Content creation is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort but the fact that nearly every major website spends a huge amount of money to ensure they have best possible content on their website just shows how important is it in the world of digital marketing.

If you want to start creating great content, optimizing and improving you the home page of your website and the landing page should take first priority, followed by the rest of the website pages and then effort should be focused on building and running a blog filled with relevant and good content.

Avoiding these common mistakes is actually not as hard as it seems and with just a little and effort, you can steer clear of them in no time at all.

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