Elementor Pro vs Divi Builder: Which One is The Best?

Who needs a website page builder? Well! to be honest, everyone needs it. But which one is the best? It is pretty hard to say but we have two of the best ones. Elementor Pro and Divi. So, let’s compare both and see which one suits you the best. Elementor Pro vs Divi Builder… Competition begins.

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Elementor Pro vs Divi Builder
Elementor Pro vs Divi Builder

Elementor Pro

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Elementor Pro vs Divi Builder

Divi Builder

Visit website $89/year

Screenshot of Elementor Pro

Screenshot of Divi Builder

Features of Elementor Pro

Popup Builder for more conversions

This fascinating feature of Elementor pro lets you make various types of popups. To name a few, it lets you create popups like fly-ins, slide-ins, bottom bars, full-screen welcome mats, etc.

It has Form Builder for an attractive site

Using this one of its kind of feature you can easily create all types of forms right from a relatively complex form that incorporates dynamic data to simple contact forms.

Theme Builder to make your site beautiful

Elementor Pro has a theme builder which allows customizing every part of your themes. Further, with utmost ease, you can design singular posts, archive the pages and headers as well as footers.

You can use Action Links for visitor direction

With the help of this feature of Elementor Pro, you can quite easily have access to a broad variety of options that assist in connecting with your website visitors via mobile.

It is perfect for magazines

If you have this WordPress website as your Online magazine, this is something you will love to have.

Features of Divi Builder

Create Custom Headers and Footers for your website

By using the Custom Headers and Footers feature of Divi Builder the users can easily create custom headers and footers for any and every part of their website.

Create Custom Index Page Designs

With Divi Builder, the users can create custom Index page designs that can also incorporate custom category feeds and with this, the users get to have full control of their website’s category designs.

You can build a site-inclusive product template with the use of WooCommerce Modules

The users of WooCommerce modules can rather than designing their products one page at a time, can now build a site-wide product template, all thanks to Divi Builders WooCommerce Modules feature.

Users can Import and Export theme builder packs

With Divi Builder, its users can now export and import theme builder templates that incorporate headers, footers. and body layouts.

Revisions made easy

With Divi, you get a lot more than just a page builder. This one makes the revision of your website content a lot easy. Moreover, you will get to redo or undo things that you have done.

More about Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro vs Divi BuilderElementor Pro is without any doubt one of the best website builder platforms on WordPress for professionals. They have outstanding features to help new websites every 10 seconds on their platform. Their team has experts such as server web professionals include designers, developers, and marketers who serve their best. They have a reach in 180 countries around the world with an excess of 5,00,000 active installs.

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More about Divi Builder

Elementor Pro vs Divi BuilderDivi Builder is amongst the most popular WordPress page builders in the world. It is also very prominent in the market for its fantastic WordPress themes. They have taken WordPress to an entirely new level with their extremely advanced Visual Builder technology and various other prominent features. Divi Builder has been created in a manner that comes in handy for everyone whether it be a freelancer or an agency or a website owner.

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Elementor Pro's Pricing

Elementor Pro vs Divi BuilderElementor has a free version but that one is for those with light websites. But if you have a heavy one or more than 1, you much try out its pro version. If you are looking forward to upgrading, you can choose its 5 options

  1. Essential (1 pro website) – $49 per year
  2. Advanced (3 pro websites) – $99 per year
  3. Expert (25 pro websites) – $199 per year
  4. Studio (100 pro websites) – $499 per year
  5. Agency (1000 pro websites) – $999 per year
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Divi Builder's Pricing

Elementor Pro vs Divi BuilderDivi Builder provides its users with the option of two premium paid plans to choose from with includes the option of a lifetime plan. They also provide 30 days free trial offer. The two premium plans are –

  1. Yearly Access – $89 per year
  2. Lifetime Access – $ 249
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Elementor Pro's Support

The support team of Elementor Pro offers 24*7 support to its users. To provide the best results, it offers extensively detailed FAQs. Further, they provide video tutorials which the users can browse through for a better understanding and for learning new skills as well. They also have detailed documents that assist the users by answering their questions and providing a solution to their problems.

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Divi Builder's Support

Divi Builder provides excellent customer support. The customer support team can be contacted 24*7. The users can simply chat with the support team in case of an inquiry or anything else they need help with. Further Divi Builder provides support options such as ask the community which connects the user with Divi Builders user community. They have an extensive document database and blogs which can further be used to solve various issues that are being faced by the user. The users can also join the Divi Facebook group for assistance.

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Elementor Pro vs Divi Builder, two of the most popular WordPress Plugins that have a huge client base around the world. It is hard to say which of the two is better. Both have extraordinarily advanced features and the pricing of both are almost similar. So, you can find the best match for yourself from the two based on your requirements.

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