Evadav vs Adsterra : Best Ad Network for Publishers in 2023

Ad campaign is one of the most important things you need to get the best of your ad promotions. It makes your products more reachable and create a brand out of it. We have two of the best networks here. Let’s compare both and see which one is the best. Evadav vs Adsterra, let’s begin.

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Evadav vs Adsterra
Evadav vs Adsterra


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Evadav vs Adsterra


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Screenshot of Evadav

Evadav vs Adsterra

Screenshot of Adsterra

Evadav vs Adsterra

Features of Evadav

Get everything you need for branding

Evadav is the one-stop shop for all your design needs for advertisements and promotions. From formats, content, bidding, and more – they’ll do that all for you!

Get exciting ad templates for your best use

It has amazing templates to help you find the most suitable one for your ad requirements. This can be a native ad, push ad, or any other type you are looking for.

Create ads with high frequency

Evadav offers you formats and designs that shows up every 24 hours. How does that make a difference? It simply increases the frequency for a maximum conversion rate.

Follows all the industrial requirements

The ads on this one works with all leading industry algoriths. This is surrounded around bidding, conversions, and performance.

Best for aggressive advertisements

If you have something to promote with your best efforts and strongly, this is the platform you need. It helps you get to the work and start your campaign more easily.

Features of Adsterra

Impressively fast ad network

As mentioned, Adsterra is a fast and quick ad network. Besides, it is very easy platform to use. It hardly takes about 1 minutes to start moderation.

Use it as you want

Adsterra is a very flexible network that you can as per your preferences. You can use the setting for your required volumes, frequency, formats, and verticals.

Get access to multiple formats

There are a many formats for you to explore. You can choose to go for popunder, social bar, native ads, banner, videos, and whatnot. Get the best you can.

Get a high and maximum rates

Adsterra is renowned for its high rates. Especially when it is about CPM rates. What else? these rates are stable and you will get what is mentioned.

A pool of campaigns to start your own.

This platform, is here to serve you with more than 20k campaigns. You will get exclusive offers with every one of them. So, give into this pool and start your best campaign right away.

More about Evadav

Evadav vs AdsterraYou would know how best Evadav is if you’ll use its native ads, push ads, and other formats. This platform get you all the reward on the basis of CPC and CPM. It has been around for years and no wonder why it serves 2+ billion impressions every day. Still doubt it, try it yourself.

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More about Adsterra

Evadav vs AdsterraAdsterra has been around for more than 20 years and you can see how far they have come in this whole ad campaign thing. No doubt they offer the best they can to beat the competition and get the best out of each campaign. It is known for its qualities, transparency, and teamwork. Use and see how it works.

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Evadav's Pricing

Evadav vs AdsterraHere comes the money matter. Now, no matter what types of format you pick to advertise, there is always minimum payment requirement.

As far as Evadav comes in, you would need to pay a minimum of $100 at once. This is something you must pay to start ad campaign.

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Adsterra's Pricing

Evadav vs AdsterraUnlike Evadav, Adsterra has no minimum payment requirement. But what we still need a quotation.

When it comes to prices of Adsterra, it can be as minimum as $1 or as high as $500. Quite flexible right? Get your comfort prices and start your campaign with Adsterra.

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Evadav's Support

The team of Evadav is quite supportive when comes to giving the best to the users. It has FAQs, blogs, and expert help to get the best advice. The team works with full transparency and proper documentation. If you need more, there is programmatic integration for the best assistance.

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Adsterra's Support

The best thing about Adsterra is its support system. It will surely turns out to be the best thing you would experience. Right at your home page or dashboard, you will see ‘Report abuse’ page. Moreover, the experts are always there for you to walk you through all the difficulty and processes.

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Evadav vs Adsterra are a few of the best ad networks you need to have. Now that you know all about these two, you decide which one would suit you the best. Get it and start your ad campaign right away.

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