GetResponse VS Campaigner: Which One is a Thing of Beauty & Value?

I would like to share my experience with 2 of the top email marketing programs. I am selling sports products online, with almost a thousand products. We are not just another drop shipping company – we have all our products stocked up all the time. So our customers get their order despatched immediately. We are a family run business and we ourselves have been big sports enthusiasts. So it is an innate passion that has been the driving force behind our business model.

Most of our business is driven by email marketing. I would admit that even in this age where marketers will tell you beautiful stories about other types of marketing methods, email marketing is still a big traffic and sales driver. And Campaigner and GetResponse have been important partners in our success story over the years.

If you have a business model and are looking for effective email marketing programs, I will like to sum up the main features of the 2 services why you can choose any one out of them. I will recommend GetResponse to be the better and richer of the 2 tools, and I am currently using it.

My Experience with Campaigner

Camp Logo

Campaigner has been a satisfying partner and many of its features are similar to GetResponse’s. That is why the transition to GetResponse has been easy for us.

  • It allows both dynamic and static segmentation, allowing you to deliver emails more efficiently.
  • It allows sending out automated email campaigns to subscribers depending on several factors including user action.
  • It offers API features that allow improved campaigns.
  • Easy to important contact lists from different sources and grow your subscriber list.
  • There are more than enough templates for sending creative emails.
  • It has autoresponse feature, automatic email sending and email schedule features that save your time and effort. Set it and forget it.
  • It supports some good stat and reporting features. It can help you distinguish duplicate emails.
  • The customer support is just perfect and there are lots of helpful resources too.
  • It also supports integration with various tools and services.
  • A/B testing feature is perfect.

My Experience with GetResponse

GR - Logo

I moved on to GetResponse because of its more elaborate features and user-friendly UI. The fact that this email marketing tool is older and is available in more than a dozen languages also works in its favor.

Some of the best features that I liked about it are as following:

  • It allows creating beautiful emails. The templates are easily editable and are responsive.
  • It also allows you to create amazing landing pages. I have used this feature to my great advantage and have received so many subscriptions after impressing visitors with the pages. Besides, most of my seasonal offers have been driven by it.
  • The GetResponse autoresponder is quite powerful. I think it is the best one out there. The action-based response is quite far reaching and expansive.
  • There are more than 500 elegant email templates to choose from.
  • It is easy and fast to import email subscribers from almost anywhere.
  • It is also easy to integrate with all the top email clients.
  • It think GetResponse has a larger customer base than Campaigner.
  • A/B testing feature is better than Campaigner. It also supports inbox preview across any type of device.
  • GetResponse’ support is also great with lots of support resources and even webinars to help with.
  • Thanks to their mobile apps, they are more powerful email marketing provider.

Now that we have had an overlook of both the program’s features, it’s worth comparing them directly on their top features:

Email Templates

GetResponse has over 500 email templates that can be fully edited to customize your own email newsletters suiting your products, colors and images. This is supported by access to over a thousand iStock photos. The best thing for me is that the cover my segment – sports. I cannot ask for more. The best thing – all are developed on responsive design – so they are compatible with all devices.

GR - Email Tempaltes

Camp - Email Creator

Campaigner also supports over 800 email templates. But I would tell you not to fall for the numbers. GetResponse delivers 300 less templates, but there’s more beauty and value in the fewer number of templates. Campaigner templates did the job for me, GetResponse just did it better. It also supports responsive design so device compatibility was never an issue for me.

Landing Pages

GR - Landing Pages

I have not seen many email marketing tools that allow you create such amazing landing pages. GetResponse’ landing pages are responsive, have built-in web forms so that you don’t have to work hard; there are a 100-plus templates to choose from, and over a thousand free images. It also supports A/B testing and Google Analytics reporting for the landing pages.

What is even better is that GetResponse now also supports webinar pages – higher level of engagement and better ROI.

When it comes to Campaigner, I can’t remember that we ever used such a feature. It was all about creating email newsletters.

Email Stats & Reporting

GR - Email Reporting

I always needed to know how my campaigns are performing. Both Campaigner and GetResponse are very powerful in this department and I would like to call them equivalent here.

Camp - Reporting

GetResponse gives you metrics over time, segmentation, email comparison, real ROI, autoresponder stats, social sharing and email client stats, and all the basics from open and click rate to Google analytics to mobile tracking.

Campaigner also picks up on all the basics and advanced reporting features.


GR - Pricing

Camp - Pricing

Both GetResponse and Campaigner have comparative pricing. If you have 5,000 subscribers like me expect to spend between $45 and $50 on both the programs. To be exact, GetResponse charges $49 (Pro plan – recommended) and Campaigner costs around almost same – $49.95. So price is not a comparative feature between the two.


It can seem to be confusing when you see Campaigner offering 800+ email templates and GetResponse giving you 500+ templates. But almost every other email marketing software offers more templates than GetResponse. So does this mean that all other email marketing programs are better than it? No!

Better templates, landing pages, AutoResponder 2.0, webinars, a simpler and more intuitive email creator, a slightly better customer support and many other features make GetResponse a better option. If someone is offering more templates and charging more, that is no reason to fall for them. There’s value and beauty with GetResponse that’s difficult to find elsewhere!

Thanks for reading my review!


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