How to Customize WordPress theme without any hassle (For Non Developers)

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the king of all blogging platform or  web designing software. WordPress is one of the best Content management system on the earth.
But when a newbie purchase a domain and a hosting, installs WordPress on his domain and login to his wp-admin, the biggest challenge for him is to find out the best suitable WordPress theme for his blog. And a more challenging task is to make his blog better than the demo page thereof.

All WordPress themes look very elegant and sexy in the demo and when a blogger upload it on his blog and activates is, oops! It is an ugly looking WordPress theme and he is on the hunt of a new WordPress theme at the attached minute. But If I tell you honestly, All WordPress themes are drawn and made for a purpose and for a specific set of settings. In some themes, the customization can be done through Customizer and in others this is done with theme options.

All themes do not have the identical customization features. I have seen and examined that almost all professional looking WordPress themes provide you a documentation to configure and set up the theme happily, but a few of them lacks it.

How to Install WordPress theme?

You can use a WordPress theme with ease following a few tips which I am going to tell you here.

Have a look on Themes >> Customizer

I advice you to have a look into the theme customizer in wp-admin. You can edit so many setting there. From Site title to footer option almost everything is customizable in a fundamental WordPress theme. Almost every basic template comes with a customization through customizer feature.

Look for Theme Options in Appearance menu

If the template is a little advanced and you are unable to change the whole site with customizer, the theme option menu must be there to provide you full customization of your site.

Some Themes are Customizable on the base of widgets

The theme I am using on my blog is totally based on widgets and have so many customization settings in theme options. In this theme, customizations are done through widgets as this theme has so many custom widgets and a lot of widget areas to put the widget in.

Each submenu in Appearance has its own meaning and impact

Each submenu you see in the Appearance menu has different effect on the site appearance. Menu, Header, and Background are the vital options to play with your site’s appearance. EDIT CSS is also a nice way to customize colors and other options of your site but this is not recommended in case if you’re not friendly with CSS coding.

Some Themes Need Plugins to work Properly

Many aspects of a template are based on a number of plugins which can be seen in the Install Plugins option if required. In case a theme require some specific plugins to work properly, make sure to install, activate and configure them properly. For a Quick Instance, Hueman theme requires Thumbnail resizer and page number plugin to work efficiently. So, Be confirmed that those plugins are already installed before you go to customize your site.

Make sure to see Front Page Settings in Settings >> Reading

Mostly Blogs are committed to show their latest posts on the homepage while this is not so in the case of a business website or a portfolio page. Business or portfolio sites need a static front page on the root domain and that’s why this option is in WordPress to make it a perfect match for web developers and for bloggers as well.

Ok I think now you will ask, “Hey! Do you know any good wordpress theme for my blog?” And I have a quick answer as well.

Go to Themeisle and visit the ocean of free theme there. Another destination for your purpose is colorlib themes. And the answer of ‘How to customize wordpress theme?’ is right in front of you. Keep Calm and Visit Again for any query. And let me know if you still have any question in comments.