How to find a good JOB without any Hardwork

jobNowadays, Getting a good JOB in India is like making castles in the air and Getting yourself settled up with a good JOB is very hard in present time. Competition is increasing with population. You can estimate the completion from the fact that thousand of applications are received by a company for a few vacancies.

Still you can find your dream job by working not hard but smart.

There must be a perfect career planning right behind your goal and efforts. Long term objectives can be divided into many short term goals. And you can make it large by completing those short term objectives one by one.

Here I have a few IDEAS to make your efforts a bit more powerful and planned towards huge success and big achievements in the life.


Determine your Goal and create short term goals with time frame in which they can be complete

dart-444201_640It is always good to have some words with your parents about your career. If you’re open with them, share everything which you’ve planned. If not, try to disclose everything which is buried inside your heart. Tell them about your future objectives and what obstacles are you facing in between. Maybe your parents can help you out getting out from this kind of stress.
The next minute you’ve peace of mind and you can decide that what would be a better career option. Weather to choose banking sector or engineering field.

In my opinion, SERVICE sector is growing day by day and it’s a great career option as well. There is a big hand of Service sector in the whole Economy of India.

So, once you’re done with planning your goal, divide it into short one’s and assign each of them a time within which they can be accomplished.

Find out what educational qualification is required to get the job you want

apple-256261_640This is the most crucial part of career planning. Here you need to know what is required to be fit for a job you’re targeting.

If you are keen to become a finance manager, you could go for CS or any other accounting course which could make you a perfect match for the Job. In the same way, if you are looking to become an engineer, you can take admission in B.Tech and complete graduation from a reliable and certified institute.

See, can you afford that education or a student loan is needed to meet the educational expenses.

money adsenseIt is your financial conditions which decides your educational qualification. Maybe not. But Finance does.

If you would have some close discussions with your parents, they would have told you about their capability to support financially for your education. Maybe they want to do more but the financial conditions do not let them spent huge on this. In those cases you can look for Student loan but it is also not a very great move.

Apply for JOBs directly on Linkedin or find a GOOD placement agency to do this for you

woman-690036_640There is an ocean of opportunities and vacancies on Internet to find out a Job in your locality or abroad. Moreover, it lets you connect with professionals and business owners too.

In my eyes, Linkedin is a great way to find your dream job because it is a focused professional social network where people are connecting with a mind to work and hire.

There is no need to take stress if you’re not able to find one on Linkedin because you can leave this work for a placement agency. I hardly believe if you don’t know and or other popular employment marketplaces.

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