How to improve your English Speaking

Yeah, good English communication skills are the need of the hour because the world is on the fastest wheels of development. There are so many opportunities to work aboard and all you need for that is a tongue ready to speak in english flawlessly. Mostly when you start speaking in English(if you’re not a native english speaker) the beginning is awesome because the start was pretty much anticipated a few seconds ago but later on when you continue, you run out of words. And that is the biggest obstacles in your english speaking skills. Isn’t it?

I had the same problem when I started blogging and it was very hard for me in start because I did not complete my primary and higher studies in a English medium school.

Fun Ways

#1. Read Newspaper regularly

newspapers-444453_640I was asked to get friendly to a English Newspaper so that i can enlarge my vocabulary and strengthen my writing style and that really worked for me. Reading newspaper is interesting but when you read a English newspaper, there are so many words which you will find difficult to generate a meaning thereof without dictionary.

The real purpose of reading a newspaper is to create a vast storage of words somewhere inside your brain. And once you have an ocean of words, you don’t need to crash in between the conversation and you can hold it for little longer.

#2. Watch English Movies and sing English songs

microphone-311550_640Watching movies help in generating a correct pronunciation of a word and connecting it with a sentence can be learnt by watching movies and singing English songs. Better if you try singing the song you’re listening to.

Every-time I am listening to a song which is new to me, I google it for its lyrics so that I can pronounce the song correct at least. If you’re going to sing a song, better find its lyrics to never have problems in between the way.

Serious streat

#1. English Speaking Course

A speaking course will better make you understand how to speak fluently and flawlessly.

Want to improve your English skills but can’t find a good learning center? Future English offers affordable online English lessons. Study with them and they’ll take into account your personal strengths and weaknesses and improve your skills fast! All resources are provided and full email support with your very own native English teacher is given so you can ask questions, submit homework and plan a convenient schedule to study English online.

#2. Writing a Blog or a diary

Writing a diary blog would be pushing you continuously to find new words for your writings. And this way you can make sentences differently and introduce something new everyday to your writing style and word storage.

There is a blogging platform to start a diary blog for free on which is FREE for everyone. With a FREE account you can start writing your blog and make it popular as well.

Final Words

I hope above few things helped you a bit to improve your english writing and speaking skills. Thanks for reading. You can also write to me on this in comment box below.



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