How to Make Android Apps without Coding Skills

Nowadays , applications are being used extensively by the users as a result of availability of smartphone in the hand of every next user. It is surely a plus point if your business is having an application along with your business website. It facilitates better user experience.

But what if you are new to the android developement and want a simple user friendly application for your personal use or business or else. The best choice is to go with “andriod studio” and “eclipse for android” to make your application. But if you don’t want that kind of full fledged application you can though use the belowmentioned applications and wesites to make cool apps on the go with your smartphone
Note that the applications that you make with these tools are not going to be full featured but yeah it can serve your purpose to some extent.

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I have bifurcated the list in two categories : Using Applications , Using Website

How to Make Android Apps without Coding Skills

Using Application:

1. AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

This application is found on google playstore in both free and paid versions. If you have experienced hands in coding it is going to be very cool environment to make applications. Through this application beginners can learn to code and experts can make real android applications. You can edit various res, strings.xml, styles.xml as we did in Windows IDE. If you want to learn coding it is going to take you to the payment window.
Note : You can take recourse to sololearn app for learning JAVA and many other codings. Java is going to help you a lot in making wonderful applications. Also you can enrol for app making course on Udemy for free.

2. Sketchware

Sketchware is an application where you don’t need to perform hard core codings for your application to run. It simply takes you to the layout and logics where using simple blocks you can make your application run.
Note: Clicking on option menu inside the app or just on home your will find block helper that can assist you in using the various blocks.

Using Website

3. Appypie

You can also make a very cool application without any headache with Appypie website. Choose Application name and category for it whether for business, photography, education or restaurant or whatnot. It also displays you the real time preview of your application. There are variety of themes that you can choose for your application.

4. Appyet

Appyet website provides the awesome experience. The navigation drawer is pretty cool and you can customize header image and make changes according to your choice. You can easily make an application for your website and connect all the social handles at one place.

5. Appspotr

Appspotr gives the professional look to the application that you make with it. There are many features provided in this website. Some are paid too.

Over to you

The Mobile Business are rising, commencing and making new heights of success everyday. It is the right time to hit your unique profitable mobile app idea into the reality by making it with any of the free android app builder.

And now this is over to you for discussions.

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