Movavi Video Editor Unbiased Review

Giving credit to someone who has the intellectual right attracts applauses. But these credits should be limited to commercial use otherwise ads or unnecessary portion in an excellent video may become annoying to the viewers especially if that’s using for educational purpose! Video cutter apps do these tasks efficiently. Choosing a free yet best video cutter from a never-ending list is like finding a needle in a haystack! To expose the myth of ‘free things don’t work well’, Movavi video cutter has been released.

Movavi Video editor- a perfect video cutter as well

movavi pic for video editor

Movavi is well-organized video cutting software that works precisely on any kind of video uploaded to it. As the price is free, users always look for the features onboard to compare it with the other similar software, let’s have a bird’s eye view on the list of the features packed in the package.

Movavi Video editor– Feature rich  

Sometimes too many features kill an app. That’s why having a perfect balance in features and purposes are too important. Exploring the Movavi app in details will show whether it performs up to the mark or not.

Supporting devices and OS: Well, the first thing that attracts many users is that we can run Movavi on PC and smartphone both regardless of the OS we have installed on that! It supports almost all operating systems- Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It beats many similar apps here. Having the same app on the smartphone is bliss as we can go do all the things that we do on your PC on the go.

Easy & innovative control panel desk: Every function like file editing, import, export works smoothly while other video enhancing editings like putting text and titles with some special effects and transitions can be done with the easy navigable tabbed control panel. We can control the time of slide transition. The renders of the final video are also fantastic and accurate.

#Tips- how the Movavi video cutter works

There’s no rocket technology behind the working principle of the Movavi video cutter, it works in the same way the other video cutters do. Once we upload the video it gets rendered on a timeline showing which part is where in the timeline and we can easily slice out the zone we want to cut off from the video. After that, we need to save the new video and you are done! BRAVO.

#Note: If your PC is running on Windows 8, Movavi may crash frequently. We tried to find some patches or update to fix the issue but alas! I couldn’t. We recommend having Windows 10; otherwise, Windows 7 gets coupled with this app perfectly as well.

Another point to be noted, as it provides a 30 day trial period, once you cross it, open the app when you are offline only, it will work. Before going online close every tab and the app for sure.

Do you still have any question popping into your mind? Get a try with a YouTube video and everything will be cleared.