My Blogger Buddies : The Real Gems I found in 2015

2015 went and gave me a huge list of blogger friends. For some of them I was a helping hand and most of them were my helping hands who supported and helped me a lot in my different ventures. All of them are very talented, polite and good person and none can be compared from other.

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my blogger buddies

  1. Philip Verghese Ariel (
    A perfect, gentle, helpful and kind man who is always ready to help and the most supportive one I ever found in my life. He is very experienced Knol Author as well.
  2. Amit Bhandari (,
    Amit is a Highly skilled and professional guy who knows a lot of tricks and secrets of link building and search engine optimization. He has a deep knowledge of link building and I learned a lot from him.
  3. Prabhat Chaudhary (
    He is a person whom I know from the starting of my career as a blogger and he is a very talented technology geek. He develops amazing blogger templates and designs.
  4. Ramsai Gohan (
    Ramsai is one of my best blogger buddies. He own a wonderful technology blog named myalltechstuff which indeed consists of quality tech stuff.
  5. Rohan Chaubey (
    I don’t think that I need to write about this popular young problogger who has made a lot of name in the blog-o-sphere in a very short age. Happy that he is a connection. He is a real social media influencer.
  6. Naman Kumar (
    Naman is a very talented young blogger. He really inspires me with his writings and the style of his writing. He works hard and do amazing writings.
  7. Megha Gupta (
    She is a Fashion and food blogger. She is a very inspiring and motivating female style blogger.
  8. Sathish Satz (
    Sathish is a very helping entrepreneur. Talking about his blog (Ineedblog), it is a great place for deals, food and interesting things.
  9. Yogesh Shinde (
    Yogesh was a great help for me. He guided me like an elder brother. In my start, i used to make many mistakes in my work which were correct with his help. He has a very nice blog about entrepreneurship and blogging.
  10. Satya P Joshi (
    Satya is a enthusiastic blogger and has a lot of knowledge of web design and coding languages. His technology blog, Ansmachine is a great place to be on. I never get bored while reading his blog. Many many interesting posts are there everytime I land there.


As I said earlier that the list is huge and if you’re not in the above list, you definitely keep a place in my heart. I wish everyone a huge success this year.

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