PropellerAds Review – The Ace of all Ad Networks in 2023 🏆

To put it simply this PropellerAds Review, PropellerAds is the AdTech company that offers robust solutions when it comes to performance marketing on the global level.

It unites both advertisers as well as publishers through the managed service and the self-serve platform into one complete ecosystem for marketing. 

The company has not become one of the best alternatives of traffic source with more than 1 Billion audience reach as well as thousands of campaigns that are launched daily across mobile and desktop.

It offers industry-leading and comprehensive optimization and ad-serving technologies for both web publishers as well as online marketers.

To put it in numbers, the platform is serving 10 billion ad impressions per day in more than 195 countries. More than 100 thousand advertisers and 750 thousand publishers are already working with PropellerAds.

Now that we know the basics let us discover what PropellerAds has to offer for the advertisers. 

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PropellerAds Review

PropellerAds For Advertisers

Simply put, PropellerAds is the platform built for performance. It is performance-driven and focuses primarily on growing the revenue for both affiliates as well as marketers. Here you can create campaigns that are conversion-focused. 

What Makes It So Special?

→ Automated Optimization Of Ads

Manual optimization is super slow and is generally less effective. You can enhance productivity by cutting down the manual processes and auto-optimizing the ad campaign.

The Artificial Intelligence system tunes all your settings to make sure that you can reach your goal of the number of conversions as well as get maximum ROI of your advertisements. The smart optimization tools offered by the platform ensures money-spinning affiliate marketing.

CPA Goal 2.0 is the optimization algorithm for stable and effortless profits. It is AI-powered and can automatically find the right traffic for what you have to offer.

This way, you get the conversions right into your budget. It is completely automated and does not need any rate optimization or blacklisting. It is amazing to test the offers across the network. What is more, it has a smart auto-bidding that ensures a stable volume of traffic. 

That is not all, and here you also get Target CPA which is a rule-based tool for campaign optimization. It ensures media buying that is cost-effective by excluding the ad placement that does not meet the price conditions off-target conversion.

It helps in creating the best balance between auto and manual optimization. Here you also get adjustable settings for the campaign viz the test budget, target conversion price, etc.

PropellerAds Review

→ Fraud Prevention

PropellerAds ensures security with its fraud prevention technology for brands as well as affiliates. Their systems detect and also prevent fraud in real-time by effectively identifying the malicious activities and also eliminating the threats.

This way, only the real people can both see as well as interact with the ads. It blocks and prevents almost all types of fraud. This is because fraudsters and bots can either not see or click on the ads, or their conversion, clicks, and impressions get automatically canceled by the system.

Their fraud prevention technology works on the basis of more than 25 million conversions a month. The platform is known for working with legitimate suppliers of traffic.

Their integrated approach towards fraud detection combines various techniques like machine learning, risk assessment, behavioral modeling as well as constant monitoring.

To give you a perspective about their efficiency, it eliminates 212M fraudulent requests, blocked 40M bot impressions, and filtered out 48K fake clicks in just a month.

Along with its absolute anti-ad fraud coverage, you also get to discover the easy setup of the campaigns, easy optimization of campaigns, and quick results. 

Their systems can detect fraud irrespective of the device targeted, irrespective of the ad format in every GEO. The clean traffic ensures that all your money gets spent on the real impressions, and you get higher Click-Through Rates. It also eases the evaluation of the ad campaigns.

→ Self-Serve Platform

Here you can explore the easy-to-use and super robust Self-Serve platform with quick on-boarding, simple ad creator, in-depth and real-time reporting for monitoring the success.

Self-serve platforms can start and scale up real quick. It lets the user reach out to the audience across the globe, measure their performance, and have complete control over the campaigns.

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→ Wide Array Of Tools

  • Campaign Tools

The streamlined and intuitive campaign builder can guide users through the entire process of ad placement, target selection, budgeting, and scheduling in pretty simple steps.

Its real-time estimator of traffic can help you in seeing how the campaign bids and the targeting settings can impact the reach of the ad. It also helps in controlling the ad spends with the total and daily budgets.

  • Targeting by Demographics and Interests:

You get more targeting possibilities, which greatly improves your performance. You get more tools for really sophisticated multi-touch ad campaigns.

You get access to targeted audiences segmented by interests, age, and gender — this enables you to quickly connect with the right individuals.

  • Reporting Tools

With Reporting Tools, you can see how the ads have impacted the business with the help of real-time, easy-to-read reports. You can analyze the performance as well as get quantifiable results like comparing impressions, clicks as well as other metrics in order to learn about the creatives and campaigns that are highly effective.

PropellerAds Review

→ Retargeting 

Retargeting helps you in bringing your audience back. When a user leaves your site without making a purchase, PropellerAds will find them on the web and show them ads on the sites they visit. This way, the users get back to your website for completing the desired action. 

You can build your audience based on clicks, engaged visits, converted users. It can help you boost your ROI. 

PropellerAds Review

Ad-Formats Offered By PropellerAds

PropellerAds offer the following ad formats: 

  • Push Notifications
  • On-Click Ads
  • In-Page Push
  • Interstitials

→ Push Notifications

With Push Notifications, users get to analyze a unique and exclusive advertising channel. It lets you deliver the brand message or their offer instantly to the device of a user even when they are not browsing.

You can target the special events, find prospects by targeting the User Activity as well as send about 1 Million messages within a minute. There are currently 600 million users of this format.

→ OnClick Ads (Popunder)

OnClick Ads is an astounding ad format as it offers colossal reach at a pretty low cost. You get access to the exclusive publisher’s inventory. This format is known for its super-fast conversions and guaranteed visits. There are currently 1 Billion users of this format.

→ In-Page Push

It is a new native advertising format which looks like the classic push notification, but it lets the advertisement appear along with the organic and relevant website content exactly where it can be found by the users. It is designed specifically for targeting all the browsers, platforms and Operating systems including iOS. There are currently 150 Million users of this format.

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→ Interstitials

It is the ultimate way of immediately capturing the attention of the audience. Users can take the advantage of the wide creative space, astounding CTR as well as direct link with the audience on both mobile as well as the desktop. There are currently 40 Million users of this format. 

It proves to be a performance advertising solution that is designed meticulously for fulfilling the ever-rising requirements of the performance marketers.

While Affiliates can drive their traffic to any niche or vertical offer by launching as well as scaling the campaigns quickly, AdNetworks can take benefits of smooth integration through RTB/XML.

Agencies can get top-quality leads for their clients with the fabricated solution for their clients. PropellerAds also helps you in expanding the reach by offering a fully managed service for media buying as well as support for the brand.

How To Get Started?

Step 1: On the home page, you will come across the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the top right corner.

Step 2: Next, you need to choose the account type. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab under the title ‘I’m An Advertiser.’

Step 3: Then, you need to fill in the account details and activate your email.

Now that we have covered every aspect of what PropellerAds has to offer to the advertisers let us get into the details of what it has in store for the Publishers. 

PropellerAds For Publishers

PropellerAds Review

PropellerAds for the Publishers helps them make money with the audience visiting the website. The platform helps you in generating revenue through your website and offers advanced-level monetization solutions. Irrespective of the type of publisher or marketer you are, you get multiple options for earning real money.

It is a great option to earn if you are website owners, domainers, plugins, extensions, URL shorteners, SEO masters and social media marketers.



Grow revenue with a performance-driven advertising platform that provides marketers and affiliates the tools they need to succeed. PropellerAds is an effective way for advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks to build campaigns using their own data – all in one place!


  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Low payment terms
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Highest CPM Rates
  • 3 pop-ads on a page


  • Torrent and adult traffic are not allowed
  • PropellerAds doesn’t work with free hosting sites

What Makes It So Special?

The platform holds a market expertise of 10 years as well as a robust portfolio of advertisers coming from big brands and can thus offer the best CPM rates in the market. The following reasons make it an astounding platform to go with.

→ Global Coverage

Your entire traffic can get monetized. PropellerAds have a wide array of advertisers in each county and each niche so that none of the impressions get wasted.

→ Only Clean Ads

All the ads are 24/7 moderated manually. Your audience gets engaged with the ads of top-tier quality without any obscene content, malware or virus passing by.

→ AdSense Compatibility

Their advertisement formats can fit in any monetization strategy or ad network. It lets you boost the profits even if the monetization of traffic needs a combination of different ad formats.

→ AdBlock Bypass

The ad bypass software has the potential of increasing your revenue by as much as 20 percent. These ads are non-intrusive, thanks to their relevance to the users as well as quality.

→ Referral Program

You can take advantage of the premium products and get an extra income when referring the platform to your friends, followers and colleagues.

→ Revenue Boost With Multi-Tag

multitag feature propellerads

You do not have to make an individual tag for every ad format posted on the website, thanks to the MultiTag option. Here you just need to add the MultiTag, and then you can easily enjoy the automatic optimization of the platform.

It lets you combine the ad formats in order to get 50 percent higher CPM rates. You get complete ad coverage across all the GEO, OS, and Devices. It is totally compatible with traffic and websites of any type.

→ Convenient Payouts

The platform offers unmatched payout terms that cannot be found anywhere else. You get revenues every week to the payment method you prefer. It offers weekly payouts every Thursday, and the minimum amount for withdrawal is as low as $5. 

→ Publisher Priority Program

publisher priority program

This program lets the users explore all the scope of the magnanimous loyalty program viz the privileges, incredible benefits as well as exclusive perks of membership.

You thus get to take advantage of the shorter hold of payments, the ability of requesting payouts, access to the dedicated manager for your account, as well as the custom API and priority customer support.

→ Control Over The Monetization

The platform lets you manage the revenues with the technology that will make sure super effortless plug-n-play integration and quality traffic demand.

→ Ad Optimization Technology

The robust and flexible technology for ad optimization is empowered by AI and is designed in such a way that it can maximize the revenues of the publishers with highly viewable ads for desktop and mobile. 

→ Experience Complete Transparency

The publishers get complete access to the detailed revenue reports. It lets you see income by country, zone, ad formats and various other criteria.

→ Multilingual Dashboard

The dashboard for the publishers is translated into 9 languages so that the users can have complete access in their native language.

→ Robust Tools

This platform is fully equipped with a range of exceptional tools in order to ease the ad management like checking the monetization performance, customize the ad formats so that it can match the website, obtain the ad tags or add up the new zones. 

PropellerAds Review: Ad-Formats Offered

PropellerAds offer the following ad formats: 

  • Push Notifications
  • OnClick Ads
  • In-Page Push
  • Interstitials
  • Direct Links 
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→ Push Notifications

This format is a revolutionary tool when it comes to monetization. These browser notifications can bring you CPS (per-subscription revenue) instantly as well as complement well with the other formats. You can earn even if the user does not visit your site any longer. It is best for almost any website. 

→ OnClick Ads (Popunder)

It is safe to say that the Popunder or OnClick ads are the powerhouse of monetization and at the top when it comes to ad formats that fetch good revenue. This format has full-tab ads which are user-initiated and appear in the new tab on your browser, which lets the users monetize each and every visitor. This format offers the highest CPM rates. 

→ In-Page Push (Banner)

This ad format just has a native banner on the website and does not need any user subscription. It looks similar to the classic push notification, but they are displayed on the website and can monetize all the traffic types. This format is considered to have highly engaging ads. 

→ Interstitials

This format has skippable and fast-loading ad units that get displayed before or after a specific page of a website. They are perfect for the additional monetization because they can be customized with ease and offer a pretty high CTR.

→ Direct Links

You can monetize the traffic of any type with the special URL that is designed to take the visitors automatically to the offers that are most relevant, owing to the smart rotation mechanism. It is the best solution for the expired domains, toolbar, 404 traffic, redirect, paid (pop), etc. 

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How To Get Started?

Step 1: On the home page, you will come across the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the top right corner.

Step 2: Next, you need to choose the account type. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab under the title ‘I’m A Publisher.’

Step 3: Then, you need to fill in the account details and activate your email.

Step 4: Once you are done with the registration, you can put ads on your website and start earning money from your traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PropellerAds traffic and website requirements?

With a few rare exceptions, they accept all sites regardless of traffic volume. However, please mind that they do not accept websites containing adult content, malware, or any other information that violates their Terms and Conditions

Can PropellerAds Be Used With AdSense?

A: Yes, PropellerAds can be seamlessly used with AdSense. The Google Policies states that the users are allowed to place 3 pop-ads on the page where the AdSense is getting displayed.

Is PropellerAds Safe To Use?

A: Yes, this ad network is completely secure and is working with the majority of the popular websites you will come across on the web. It does not interfere with the user preferences, downloads and site navigation.

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Conclusion PropellerAds Review

All in all, PropellerAds is an incredible ad network with a plethora of benefits to offer like low payment threshold, real-time reporting as well as the hassle-free and easy process of approval.

It has managed to be a torch-bearer in the arena of ad networks across the globe owing to its powerful structure, astounding support team, dedicated features and intuitive design.

Hopefully, this post helped you in understanding the nooks and corners of this platform so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether you should invest your time and efforts here.

Hope you like this PropellerAds Review and got everything you were looking for.

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