the biggest question I get from my friends and fans is “Hi Vashishtha! what tools do you use to make your blog stunning, clean and professional?” And here I am telling you guys about all my tools, plugins and tricks that I use in my practices in blogging. Due to a busy job schedule, I have not enough time to write everyday. So, I keep it short and interesting for you to know how I do it with wordpress and other blogging tools.

My WordPress Theme (Writer/Customized)

writer theme blog full page

Now that you can see the difference as well.

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I am adding more value to these lists constantly.

What’s there in my WordPress (The Plugins and Theme)

Like a carpenter keeps a pencil stick with him and a barber keep a scissor , I keep a list of wordpress plugins in my wordpress blog. Each single plugin has its own importance. Some of the plugins are on site functioning by enhancing social media optimization, SEO score, Rich snippets and much more while others perform somewhere else like auto posting in social media and so on.

  1. Sharify Social Buttons (To show flat social sharing buttons before every post)
  2. Comment Reply Notification (To send an email notification each time you reply their comment on your blog.)
  3. Contact Form 7 (For contact forms)
  4. WP Subscribe Pro (The awesome popup you saw when you came on my site.)
  5. Jetpack (The Giant multipurpose wordpress plugin)Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugin in the world. The ultimate features that it offers are:Entertain for free
    1. FREE Image CDN – Photon
    2. Mobile Responsive Theme
    4. Management of your BLOG through mobile app or desktop client
    5. Social Sharing Buttons
    6. Uptime Monitoring to see when your site goes downPaid Plan features
    1. Enhanced Security
    2. Priority Support
    3. Daily WebSite Backups for just 3.5 USD per month with Vaultpress
    4. Spam Reduction using Akismet premium
  • Pretty Link lite (Affiliate Link cloacking)
  • Animated Shortcodes for WordPress (WP shortcodes redefined by myself.)Made with love by my ordinary coding skills. I just added an option to add animations to the buttons and anything you do with the WP shortcodes by MythemeShop.Adding the wow.js and animate.css along with the hover.css, I have just enhanced the function of the plugin.Furthermore, A few styling tweaks on the buttons and elements.
  • Easy Table (for making tables for different advantages)
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Advertising)
  • Regenerate Thumbnails (Helps in the blog appearance and generate image thumbnails and resizes them)
  • WP notification bars (An alternative to Hellobar)
  • SchemaNinja (For elegant view of a review)Read my full review of the best rich snippets plugin for wordpress. Schemaninja works great for me to enhance the appearance of my reviews.
  • WP Shortcode by mythemeshop (Format things without coding like buttons, tooltips, alerts and lot more)
  • WP Optimize, WP Smush and WP Spamshield (For speed, image optimization and website security)
  • Yoast-SEO (The Giant wordpress SEO plugin which helps in putting Meta Data for posts and optimizing the whole of the blog.)
  • No Follow for external Link (making links no follow and a selected set of links dofollow.)
  • Loginizer for Login Security. Loginizer is a WordPress plugin which helps you fight against bruteforce attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed.
  • AS the above huge list itself shows that this can be used by any newbie bloggers because all of them are absolutely FREE except HYPE social Pro and SEOPressor.

    Some External Tools and Tricks that I use

    #1 Twitter Tools (Crowdfire,, SocialPilot)

    This makes me active even while I am actually unplugged. These are automation tools and you can automate your blog with these tools. This automation does not mean that your blog would be copying and pasting articles from other sites automatically. It means that your social media profile will be sharing your blog posts randomly after every hour or day. It is way better than sitting silent on social media.

    #2 Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console), Analytics and other Google Apps

    Google search console (former google webmaster tools) is a great help in my blogging and SEO practices. Not only Google Webmaster tools, there are so many apps that are installed in my Android phone and some I use on Laptop.

    Google Keep, Google Voice Input, Google Keyboard and ofcourse Google Analytics. Google Keeps helps in managing taskas and Voice input helps in writing my posts while speaking to my phone. Its a big big help for me while my fingers are not ready to type a long essay on a keyword, I can do it with my voice.

    #3 Semrush for Baklink Analysis, Search Traffic and More


    Doing a number of tasks using the best tool in the industry – Semrush.

    Yeah. If you ask me a quick review and a opinion, I would say that the data is not 100% concrete. However, it worth the amount you spend on it.