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Ringba is a versatile call tracking platform which can be used to manage all of your calls and call streams. Basically, Ringba is a call optimization platform. It has significant advantages over similar market competitors. In this article, we will give a brief review on Ringba and mention its usability.

We’ve divided Ringba’s advantages into two sections, basic and advanced.

Basic Advantages –

  1. Via Toll-Free and Local DID numbers, in-bound calls are automatically routed to the desired target, buyer or call center.
  2. Priority wise load balances calls.
  3. You are able to monitor live call streams by publisher, affiliate, target, buyer or on a campaign basis.
  4. Robust reporting technology with almost instant statistics.
  5. Complementary sub-accounts for buyers, targets, and publishers.

Advanced Advantages –

  1. With Ring Pool technology, you can track each and every part of your online advertising campaign.
  2. You will be able to use the campaign reports to take serious, effective and efficient actions while optimizing your campaigns.
  3. The efficiency of your paid campaigns will increase, thus improving your return on investment.
  4. Always know how much money you’re owed and keep track of all your outgoing payments.
  5. Concurrency Cap Technology.

Uses of Ringba:

Ringba Reporting

1. Call Attribution –

Ringba uses dynamic number pools, static numbers and number placement tags on sites and landing pages of publishers to track and attribute call records. With this technology, Ringba gains a rich behavioral understanding of your traffic sources. The data collection procedure is fully customizable. You can manually configure it. Further, it’s easy to use interface adds to the simplicity of using Ringba. Moreover, with Ringba, you will be able to track services and pass back the data to clients or to the marketing department with just a few clicks. Ringba’s data attribution process is really strong, so after getting the analysis report, you will be able to take actions immediately to improve your campaigns. For example, you can block all traffic sources or whitelist high converting ones. With Ringba, you will be one step closer to building a long-term sustainable, and of course profitable, pay per call business..

2. Number Pool –

Optimizing ‘Pay Per Call’ campaigns is not an easy task. Calls do not have an easy to track footprint to optimize all of your campaigns like most traditional marketing campaigns. Ring Pool technology was built to solve this exact problem. Create a pool of numbers, generate a JS tag, add it to your landing pages, and from now on all the user data will be captured and each conversion assigned to the right user information. It’s amazing how using this simple tool increases media buy ROI by 200% or more.

3. Real-time analytics –

Ringba captures all the data you need in order to understand which aspect of your ‘Pay Per Call’ business is not as efficient as it can be. It takes critical data and presents it in a way you clearly see any inefficient you can exploit to increase you ROI. This data will not be found anywhere else. Moreover, the call streaming analysis is done without any time lag, i.e. it is done in real time.

4. Target management & Automatic load balancing –

Ringba Routing and Targets

Ringba has been specially designed to cope with call center management or target management problems by utilizing dynamic routing plans for your campaigns. These routing plans are based on concurrency, schedule, volume caps, performance, and productivity. The best part is Ringba can automatically route overflow traffic to marketplaces or other call buyers to reclaim lost revenue and virtually eliminate abandons. Ringba is capable of monitoring an unlimited number of call centers and buyers across an unlimited number of campaigns and numbers. Ringba gives you the flexibility to adjust concurrency without any time lags by making sure there is no overload in any department of your team. You will be able to stop wasting calls and arm up your team leaders and managers with the ability to maximize revenue.

5. Buyer and Seller sub accounts –

Ringba makes running your entire pay per call business easy by providing buyer and seller sub-accounts. Ringba gives the same level of insights to you as well as to your partners. This also helps to maintain transparency, which is very important for a business and also helps to grow long term business relations. Ringba publishers get the same granular access to data that you receive so they can leverage the power of Ringba to optimize their campaigns. This gives you a nice value add to provide to your clients at no additional cost. Further, this level of access to information to the partners allows them to increase their ROI by streamlining their departments without your intervention.

6. Coverage –

International expansion with Ringba is easy. Ringba has on-demand phone numbers available for purchase in 70+ countries, including both local and toll-free phone number.

7. No more suspended accounts –

Ringba will never suspend your account. If an issue arises you will get approached by your dedicated account manager and a solution will be offered on the spot. Ringba believes in great communication in order to increase everyone’s business.

8. Concierge level support-

Is it 12 am and you are stuck? It is ok, Ringba has a 24/7 support with a maximum handle time of 2 hours only.

9. The team says it all –

Based out of Silicon Valley, California, the engineering team is the best in the industry. A small glance at each engineer in LinkedIn will reveal the capabilities they have and the essence of the idea and technology behind Ringba.

Who must use Ringba:

Pay Per Call Network –

Ringba is perfect for Affiliate networks and Pay Per Call networks. It easily integrates with all of the major click tracking and marketing platforms with a few simple clicks.

Call Centre –

Call centers can take control of their entire call generation business with Ringba by starting their own pay per call program. Easily track every aspect of your call generation by connecting Ringba to your call center’s phone system or PBX. Integration is easy.

Business –

Track all of your advertising and marketing efforts both online and offline and see which are actually driving customers to your door.

Television Advertisement –

Advertisers can issue different geographically relevant phone numbers and integrate them into TV advertisements via Ringba.

e-Commerce –

You will be able to track and follow your customer via Ringba’s dynamic number pooling.


We recommend you to use Ringba regardless of whether you are a Small business owner or a large business. Ringba easily drives away its competitors with its cheap rates and impressive functionality. Let’s take a look once again at what Ringba offers:

  • Live control of Call flow.
  • Priority load balancing calls between targets automatically.
  • Robust reporting system.
  • 24*7 Support.
  • Ring Pool technology to optimize and raise ROI.
  • American engineering based in Silicon Valley
  • Automates your entire pay per call business.
  • Valuable data to improve efficiency and ROI by up to 50%

All you have to do get Ringba call tracking is head over to their website and register. We believe Ringba will definitely help you to boost and maximize your profit margins. If you face any problem while using Ringba, do not forget to mention it in the comments section below.

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