Thesis Review : Why Pro Use Thesis to make a Super SEO friendly site

DIYThemes LLC launched thesis wordpress theme framework which is now the choice of probloggers and business site owners. Matt Cutts, Patt Flynn and Domino Project are there to name a few who use thesis to make their blog SEO friendly and Professional.

The Thesis WordPress theme was designed by Chris Pearson to be a top-notch premium theme, for use by professional, full time bloggers. These bloggers desire maximum customizability from their themes, in order to ensure that their imaginations are given vent to in the best possible way. They don’t mind shelling out the extra buck so as long as they get the best from their themes, and thesis is designed keeping exactly these considerations in mind.

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Thesis basically is a framework and you can buy skins for your site separately. The theme is very flexible and super customizable because you can personalize and customize boxes, sins and everything in the theme.

Why Thesis 2.0

thesis bannerThe first thing that I like the most about the theme is its simplicity and attractive appearance. You may ask me “Why to pay 87$ for Thesis?” and I would say its your choice.

Just take a look on the income reports of the guys who are using this wordpress theme and then come back and ask me the same question again.

Now you need no else reason of buying it for your small business site or a professional personal blog.

Patt Flynn (SPI – Smart passive income blog) who make five figures income online each month uses this thesis framework for his blog.

Features that you won’t find in any other wordpress theme or framework

As I said earlier that each part of the framework can be edited. layout, boxes and everything. Besides these customization features, there are inbuilt SEO tools which are hardly available in any wordpress theme framework.


Builtin Rich snippet and site branding tool makes your site super SEO charged without the need of any additional wordpress SEO plugin. I enjoy using these features in my site as it does not slow down the website also.

Resposiveness : A big deal in the era of mobile friendliness sites

responsiveness in thesis wordpress themeSince Google launched mobilegeddon update, every website owner wanted his website to be mobile friendly so that he can gain positive ranking signals on that account. And those who had thesis already were not tensed and did not lose their rankings as well. While on the other hand many business lost their site ranking and a good part of their sales and profit was affected.

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But If you’re using thesis, you wont get hurt by Google updates because DIYthemes LLC works delicately and provide you with the updated framework file time to time.

Their Patent Pending Visual Editor for Site Customizations


Rick Beckman ably supported Chris Pearson in his venture to produce this top-notch theme. The feedback of over 3,000 users went into designing updates for this theme. The USP of this theme is the amount of control which it affords through 2 control panel menus. One of the menus, named “Thesis Design Options”, contains a whole host of customizability features. These include being able to select the number of columns and rows displayable, besides allowing the user to control their width and the exact manner of display. The user also gets to control how exactly his frontpage looks-the “features and teasers” option allows users to have a magazine-styled frontpage, while the traditional option allows for a more basic frontpage view, with highlights of other pages turning up as well.

The Thesis theme also allows for a great deal of SEO enhancement to posts. Thesis’s clean and minimalistic approach to theme code allows content to be presented easily. The lack of code bloat allows users to focus more on the contents, metadata and other features which are integral to a good SEO rating.

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Some other features which are unique to the theme are :

1)An excellent skin editor, which also features many unique and customizable sidebar widgets.
2)Configuration of the very details regarding the layout of the Title tag.
3)Easy integration of Google Analytics tracking code-once again, a detail which greatly enhances the SEO rating of the articles produced on blogs containing this wonderful theme.
4)And finally, it is possible to add drop-caps, alert boxes, note boxes and wrap texts around adsense ads-tiny details which add the extra zing to one’s blog pages.

Thesis also has a wonderful support forum, which ensures that responses to any problems which crop up are quick and effective. Free lifetime access to the theme’s support group ensures that the ever-expanding Thesis family becomes the cornerstone of one of the best themes out there.

Thesis Framework Review

Thesis is a wordpress theme framework with additional skins available to make a site SEOfriendly and profitable. Download Thesis here.

  • SEO Optimized
  • Lightweight code
  • Pro Looks
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