Why You Shouldn’t Acquire College Education from your Parents

You definitely would have heard your parents saying that I studied from Delhi University and my son is also going to that university.


“I was employed in a reputed company after my graduation from IIT and my daughter shall also pursue the same from there.”

It is likely to a situation that my parents asking me to use that old fashioned wireless cell phone in the era where everyone is using an Android smartphone.

Isn’t it ridiculous?

No, I don’t wanna say that the college in which your parents used to go and study has gone worst.
But to tell you that the things have changed.

Opportunities scenarios and the requirements of corporate sector are changing and that of the society as well.

You can’t limit your kid’s imaginations with your limited 89’s 90’s experience in the planet of 2016.

It is the time to #thinkBIG and help your children out.

Let’s look at an opportunity like that are provided in universities like Lovely Professional University.

They have showcased them all through this unique video.

Watch the video on YouTube : Click Here

A BIG thing that you can observe from this amazing video is that “your present decision is going to impact your future. And if you have got to think, who not thinkBIG.

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts? Let me know with comments.

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