Top 10 Digital Companies in India

Talking about online business, it is not that easy to reach million of targeted users and interact with all of them without a planned digital marketing strategy. Well, we all know that how important digital marketing is now a days. And this back-breaking competition like the crocodile is ready to eat any new fish getting evolved into the water of online business. To get a streamlined online business, one exactly need a planned strategy and well-directed efforts with a view to achieving the goals of the business.

Digital companies help businesses crafting and executing a digital marketing plan and strategy that works. A well-planned route to success is the key to a well-landed startup.
If anyone think of hiring a digital company to get his business setup and function like a concern, he thinks of the best digital company of the region. Here is the list of the most popular and top 10 digital companies in India.

TO THE NEW Digital

TO-THE-NEW-DIGITAL-REVIEWTO THE NEW DIGITAL digital is a premium digital marketing company providing marketing, technology and content service with a team of 600 social media experts, content writers and creative mavericks. Well introduced with each heartbeat of the online market and consumer behaviour, TOthenewdigital provides best Digital Marketing services for brands. TO THE NEW Digital is also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB.


Sapient nitro is managed by Alan j herrick and is one of the best digital marketing company providing new business with digital marketing consultation and technology services.

Accenture Digital

Accenture digital is a multinational digital consulting company which consults startups regarding marketing plans and much more to stand their business in between the crowd of millions of audience.

Reprise Media

Came into existence in 2003, Reprise Media is an amazing digital advertising agency focused on joining brands with customers that look for them on the internet. The services offered include paid search marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.

IBM Digital India

IBM is yet another digital marketing beast in the industry. Proving the market with top notch business startup consultation and planned execution, it is the revolutionary digital company in India working worldwide. IBM also offer cloud services for new business websites.

Adbot is an all round digital marketing agency which focus on SEO, SMO, online advertising, E-commerce marketing and everything else that a new business need to get set up with perfection. These services are capable of standing a business online in between the competitors.


BCwebwise is ranked in top ten digital marketing agencies in India by economic times (2010, 2011). Brand recognition and promotion are executed by well-qualified internet marketers, designers and thinkers. A company that is dedicated to serving customers with the best they can.
Has worked with Volkswagen and Hero Motocorp also.


Interactiveavenues is the industry leading digital marketing company that do everything for branding. From designing to SEO, from media buying to Google Analytics, each task is performed by this amazing web development and digital company.


nine digi9digital is a premium and dedicated digital marketing agency. Founded in 2013 and operated by mahimvir Singh, has worked for so many brands to get recognized online and make an identity over the targeted audience. 9digital has worked with many popular brands like Microsoft, HP and HCL. The concern focus to increase the ROI and sales of any online business with its planned strategic efforts in online advertising, email marketing, SEO, SMO and media buying.


blueBlueDigital has been working since 2009 and has served a lot of brands with their digital marketing services. Philips, Lenscart, Lovely Professional University are in the top of their clients list. Blue Digital’s services are social media marketing, SEO, SEM and email marketing. From point of view of a new startup, it is the best choice to make.
In my views, Accenture digital and SapientNitro has been the market leader but its the time for a revolution and TO THE NEW Digital is working as a revolutionary digital marketing company. Digital marketing at present time in India is a much needed thing to touch the peaks of success in the world of internet business. Digital marketing is the only way to increase your business reach and sales.