10+ Best Font Types for your Website or blog to Improve the web Typography

You may be a famous blogger or a website editor but have you ever consider one major issue of your website?

You may ignore that element but somewhere it is essential to make your website and blogs as understandable as it can be. Font types perform a very important role to your blogs as well as is a crucial decision to take.

So, here we are with a variety of font styles that can help your blog to be understood and read by as many people as it can be. Have a look at those fonts and select the most suitable one for your website.

10+ Font Types for Website or blog to Improve the web Typography

1. Stalemate


With beautiful and curvy letters, stalemate, as the name suggest can offer your readers a good understanding of your messages and announcements you want to make on your blog or website. Put your emphasis in words and tell the world what you want to say.

2. Jura

Jura font

If you want the content on your website and blog to be precise and elegant, Jura is the font you should choose to write your content. The font contains the style of Greek and Cyrillic alphabets giving it very clear and sober letters.

3. Amaranth

Amaranth font

Want to make your blog as creative as possible? Amaranth comes with three different but creative styles that you can have your work written with. With perfect spaces and beautiful letters, the font makes the blog attractive to the readers.

4. Vollkorn

vollkorn font - best font types

Apart from the main content of your website, the other things such as headings and subheadings are also important. Vallkorn is the font that perfectly suits your website’s headings and subheading.

5. Circular

circular font

If you are looking for something that can attract readers to the font style, circular is another font that shows your creativeness to the world. In such few time, that font is able to hit the sky by its stylish, beautiful and circular letters.

6. Lucida sans

Want to make your website and blog content clear and sober, Lucida sans is the font you should go with. It can make your website look absolutely thoughtful for the readers and hence, attract more visitors of your website.

7. Roboto Slab

roboto slab

Very popular and useful font, Roboto Slab is the font that can show the writing in straight and fancy form. This is the kind of font one can use to put beautiful headlines and express certain important things.

8. Future BK BT

 Future BK BT

As far as elegance is concerned, there are various fonts for your blogs and website contents. But as we talk about future BK BT, it has something unique in itself to provide the delicacy to the letters of your content.

9. Myndraine

Myndraine font

Like other creative fonts, myndraine is the font with amazing curves and beautiful letters but it is clear and got the style of real handwriting which will suit your blog. With such fonts, its italics makes the content more attractive to the readers.

10. Verdana

verdana font

Among various ‘web safe fonts’, Verdana is the one with beautiful and simple letters to make your blog adorable. This one of the most famous and available fonts on the internet with most of the famous blogs written in this form.

Over to You

With amazing fonts, you will be able to make your blog as lovely and adorable as it can be as font plays a very crucial point in your blogs to make it readable and understandable. Show your creativeness to the world with the words you express.

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