Ultimate List of Twitter tools for driving conversions and Content Marketing

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Recently we have been talking about “Increasing your followers count on twitter” and now we gonna spill the beans from some secret and unrevealed twitter marketing tools and tricks.

With the help of these tools you can

Drive 4x traffic to your blog
Give your profile a professional touch
Behave like an authority
Engage your followers
Convert readers into customers
and much more.

Not the first time I am talking about tools that help in growth hacking.

Are you ready to unveil the untold stories of twitter marketing and growth hack strategies?


Toolkit for Twitter
Chrome Extension

Gleam (Giveaway)

Finally, I am done revealing the name of some useful and important twitter tools.

Do you want more twitter followers? You will need to learn How each of the above tools works.

Top Twitter Marketing Tools

twitter marketing tools



buffer app

Buffer App is the all in one tool for a social media ninja.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to upload a single photo on all social media channel? If you did it manually, you wasted hell lot of time.

well, this is what buffer can do for you. Update the same status on all your social media handles.

It helped me while I had to share my blog post with the world to get the maximum reach. Automation is the new marketing strategy. However, being active on social media still has the key importance.

In the FREE package, you can attach all your social accounts of yours (one per network) and streamline everything using buffer. In the incomprehensive usage as a FREE user, you can get the most out of it.


Suppose you’re sharing links from AndroidAuthority.

Would you like someone visiting back your website with a little twist?



Click Here for an Example

How Often you use bitly URL shortener just to shorten link for the sake of the 140 characters limit of Twitter?

I am able to drive a considerable amount of visitors to my blog. Furthermore, It is getting good for my freelancer profession too.

Here’s another example

Now, you can share your competitor’s website on your social media handles and get some traffic back to your site using sniply?

I have been finding great results using startafire. Sniply is limited for FREE users up to 1000 clicks only in a month and that’s why I use startafire.

Start A Fire My Links

I am afraid that the number of clicks on my badges can increase like a viral pole dance and as a result, my sniply links stop working. Well, sarcasm is over.

Startafire also doesn’t have any expressive limit over free users but I believe there may be a hidden limit.

Unlimited Start A Fire Pricing

Unrelated, I am impressed with the customization options of Sniply. I could add that personalized link badge in different ways. Startafire is probably in the beta mode so no more words about it for now.

I personally do check each person’s profile who follows me on twitter. If you’re also kinda person like me?

think, there must be many like you.

Let me tell you one killer twitter marketing trick

  • 1. Pin a good link post on your profile (better if from an authority website)
  • 2. Make sure you used either sniply or startafire
  • 3. Open your competitor’s twitter profile
  • 4. Head on their followers
  • 5. Start following everyone
  • 6. 30%? 10% in the worst case will follow you back.
  • 7. Only real followers
  • 8. Most of them will see your profile even if they don’t follow you (I do, so I know this.)
  • 9. Pinned post thumbnail and title is very important. Use it wisely.

Now it all depends on the number of people whom you follow in a day.

Are you the one who is stalking me on twitter? follow me daily and when you see that I am not following you back, Dp you unfollow me?
And the next day you wake up with a reborn energy and try again.

Well, you can do this also.

Toolkit for Twitter

Toolkit for Twitter is actually a tool for the most RAM expensive browser, chrome. If you dare to use chrome browser to surf over the internet then download and activate it today.

If is not only FREE but also helpful when you’re fed up doing the same thing daily and for a long time ( click the follow and unfollow button ).

With this little toolkit, you can

  • Click all the like buttons
  • click all the follow buttons
  • Retweet all the tweets
  • Click all the unlike buttons
  • click all the unfollow buttons
  • Get User Ids of all followers

Isn’t it a big surprise in a tiny box?

Chrome Extension (Twitter Autofollow)

well, this is a tiny tool. just clicks all the follow buttons and unfollow buttons on a page.

I tried it and I have to say, you’ve got to use it wisely. Otherwise, you twitter account my get blocked by twitter.

Try following not more than 300 people at a single click.



Launched as JustUnfollow and rebranded later as Crowdfire, it stands to be the best social media marketing tool which is available for android and iOS too.

It has some actionable insights on your twitter account like

Recent Unfollowers and followers who aren’t active
Active followers of your Competitors
Dominate your target hashtag
Automatic Direct messages to recent followers

Even if you’re a perfect noob, you better know what to do to grow your twitter account once you got the right path.

You can connect with people around a specific location, keyword or competitor.

With a clean – Engage – Grow philosophy, I could grow followers count for my clients.

ViralContentBee / JustRetweeet

Formerly ViralContentBuzz is an exchange tool for twitter users. You can retweet others, earn points and get yours tweet retweeted in exchange.

JustRetweet is the close alternative to it. I hardly got time to use each website to boost up my tweets.

So, I purchase credits on these websites and enjoy my tweets getting retweeted while I’m sleeping.


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