WHSR Review : Why it is the Best Webhosting informer

Are you a blogger or a webmaster looking to start a new self-hosted blog/website? Or just looking to switch to a reliable and better-performing web hosting server for your blog. WHSR is here to help you choose the best and affordable web hosting service provider.

whsr review

What is WHSR?

WHSR stands for Web Hosting Secret Revealed.com and the people behind the website are working round the clock to provide readers the exact picture of a web hosting company.

The reason : Ok, let’s take it practically.

You went to a restaurant with your girlfriend for dinner and the food out there was not as good as the billed amount was.

Huh. hilarious! Right ??

Would you be recommending it to your close friend who asks you about that place or a place to go out for dinner..?

No, Never. At least I won’t.

The same does WHSR.

So, the founder Jerry Low was trolled by bad web hosting providers in the start and thus he decided to help bloggers not getting caught by the worst and bad Web hosters.


Have reviews of all web-hosting companies

hosting reviews

Webhostingsecretrevealed.com has  detailed and in-depth review of each web hosting provider. If you will go and look for a review over there, you will find that they have conducted really critical reviews and have criticized and reviews each and every feature.

All the reviews are way different that that published on other blogs.

Coupons for all The Hosting Providers

hosting coupon codes

If you like making money, you love saving your pocket. And you know! A Buck saved is a buck earned.

Best and highest amount of discount coupons are available to grab the best deal on best web hosting provider.

Useful Tips on Blog for Newcomers and pros

There is everything you need to know about blogging, website marketing tips, and WordPress. resources they are sharing on their amazing blog are truly helpful.

You can learn

  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Administration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Inbound Marketing (Lead Generation)
  • Web Hosting 101

Web hosting Uptime monitor

Yeah, Jack does not like a ping from his website readers telling him that his website was down yesterday night. Do you? I don’t… WHSR has a FREE web-hosting uptime monitor tool where you can sign with your Email, Facebook or Twitter and track availability of 10 of your websites. uptime monitor The Uptime score will tell you how cool your website was running without any downtime.

Free Ebook to learn how to make a successful blog

Wanna turn the tables of your blogging career? Haven’t made any money from your blog yet!! This guide is for you. You can afford missing it. blogging guide Step by Step guide containing 21 chapters is full of secret sauce you need to taste (To make money from your blog and build it from scratch). What is there in the Book? From How to build a blog from scratch and choose a niche to SEO 101 and How to make money blogging, everything is there. All you need to do is “Download it and learn

Web Hosting Survey : Chance to WIN $100 COLD HARD CASH

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, you can WIN $100 COLD HARD CASH just by answering 4 simple questions.  


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