WPBakery vs Crocoblock: Which One Is The Best?

The market is full of website page builders. No wonder one of them is better than the other. However, if you ask, WPBakery and Crocoblock are our two of the favorite ones.

So, WPBakery vs Crocoblock, let’s see which one wins.

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WPBakery vs Crocoblock
WPBakery vs Crocoblock


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WPBakery vs Crocoblock


Visit website $130/year

Screenshot of WPBakery

WPBakery vs Crocoblock

Screenshot of Crocoblock

WPBakery vs Crocoblock

Features of WPBakery

Premium Style drag and drop editing

This one is an easy-to-use one. So, if you are a beginner, you can totally count on it to have an easy, fast, and creative website.

This page builder works with every theme

No matter what WordPress theme you are using, this page builder corporates with everything and gives you a gorgeous website.

Impressive templates for your website

Templates make things a lot easier. Well! When it comes to WPBakery, you can even download these templates from the library.

It offers ready content elements

You can build your website with WPBakery in minutes. There are over 50 content elements to choose from.

There are a NUMBER OF addons

WPBakery offers around 250+ add-ons. With this number, you can easily find your match and use it on your website to make it more interesting.

Features of Crocoblock

Helps you build membership websites

This builder allows you to build a profile/membership website. From account pages, multi-vendor marketplace templates, to profile, establish roles, and permalink structures, there are many elements to choose from.

Create a form builder

You can create dynamic visibility, create fields, logic forms, have widgets, and do a lot more to create a user-friendly website.

Great filters to choose from

You can create permalinks filters, e-Commerce field, and even choose from 100s of advanced filters to make your website more advanced and attractive.

There are great search options available

Crocoblock allows you to have a search option at the header, search form, result page, and even preview the style with ease.

Use theme builder for better-looking website

Display “Error 404 page” page errors, header-footer, sections, single pages, archives, and much more with its theme builder options.

More about WPBakery

WPBakery vs CrocoblockWPBakery is your one-stop solution for creating a creative, knowledgeable, and matching-your-taste website. No wonder how its features and support services have been attracting millions of people every day. What else? It is the number 1 page builder which is trusted by over 4,300,00 people worldwide.

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More about Crocoblock

WPBakery vs CrocoblockCrocoblock is your best choice for creating dynamic content. This one is specifically good for e-Commerce websites because it gives you visual styling options and much more. What else? There are many reasons why this platform is being loved by millions of people out there. With more than 10K community, video academy, and non-stop updates.

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WPBakery 's Pricing

WPBakery vs CrocoblockWPBakery is one of the cheapest ones when it comes to its plans. Now, there are 2 options you can choose from. Down there are what pricing it offers:

  1. Regular (For use on a single site) – $45 per year
  2. Extended (For use in a single SaaS application) – $245 per year
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Crocoblock's Pricing

WPBakery vs CrocoblockCrocoblock is one great place where you can enjoy all the features with a single plan. Except for the free version which is meant for beginners. Even if you choose the cheapest one. However, there are three options:

  1. All-Inclusive – $130 per year
  2. All-Inclusive Unlim – $265 per year
  3. Lifetime – $750 one time
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WPBakery 's Support

WPBakery is renowned for its support system. For newbies, there is a video academy where they can learn anything. Apart from that, there is an online helo center where you can clear out your doubts or even file a complaint. The amazing part is, they post regular newsletters that keep you updated for a long.

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Crocoblock's Support

Crocoblock is there to help you out at any time of the day. There is more to its support system. Wondering what? There is live chat and video support and the most amazing one is its tutorials. Besides, they offer constant updates and an easy-to-use interface.

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WPBakery vs Crocoblock : There you go with everything you need to know about these two of the best website builders on the internet. Now, wondering which one is the best? You can better decide. So, know your requirements and pick out the best one as per your preferences and budget.

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