You can write for Us by following the Guest Post Guidelines. This is one of the leading WordPress Blog by Vashishtha about WP, Magento, eCommerce, SEO, and Design.

You can write about WP themes, plugins, templates or almost anything that lie under above categories.

Well, you can still contribute to my website and get some benefit from it (as far as your content helps my readers too).

I strive hard behind the blog to build authority and trust with my audience and want you to provide worth publishing content.
Read more about me here.

What kind of Posts I Write

  • List Articles (WordPress themes, Plugins, technology or anything.)
  • Product Reviews (detailed how-to guide on how to use them to solve a problem)
  • Expert Roundups, a Resourceful piece of content (fast approval)
  • Your designed Inspiration Story (How you designed and developed your website)

What is allowed

Non-promotional posts with a link to your website as far as it adds value to the reader’s interest.
Posts with nofollow backlinks

PS: In case you’re looking for a dofollow backlink to boost up your website’s ranking in Google for your keywords, please consider it an advertisement and contact me for the same.

Yes, I charge. I also pay bills for running and maintaining this blog.

What’s not allowed

Promotional Posts meant to promote only one product or service are not allowed. (if your product is awesome enough, dare to contact me.)
Dofollow links under a link building campaign of yours or your company is not supported. However, I am willing to help real people out.
Link Exchange is something that my blog prohibits me from putting my hands into
It is sure to help you reach a wider audience but – This blog is not for off-topic discussion. My audience is defined. They are bloggers, business owners, developers, and entrepreneur. So, cook something they appreciate.

Guest writer benefits

You’ll receive full credit for the article
You’ll get exposure at the bottom of the post via author bio section (you can include max 1 dofollow portfolio / website link)
You can include your social media accounts
You may be paid if the article you wrote is a top-notch one

Submission Guidelines

Think before pitching for guest post

  • 1. Who is your audience
  • 2. Why will they give a damn to read your article
  • 3. What they will get from the article
  • 4. If it has already been said somewhere else?

Now prepare the content

1. Minimum 1000 words and must not be published elsewhere (word is just a limit. One sentence is enough to say- I am Good.)
2. The images provided with the article must include the source link, and the maximum width for an image is 670px
3. I’ll review your article for approval and reserve the right to edit/reject your submission if it doesn’t meet our requirements. For that make sure to contact us first with your post idea.
4. You can submit the article in the following formats: HTML, plain text, word document. Send images zipped.

Send me your ideas at v [at] vashishthakapoor.com

See ya