How to write like a professional Writer without any Exalted Literary training

Every newbie blogger has this question in his mind, ‘How do he write article efficiently and like those authoritative bloggers and writers?’ If you ask me about writing reforms, I have so many ideas in my mind to make your articles look hot and sexy. I am trying to reveal all those crappy opinions here. You need to enhance the writing skills due to so many advantages of doing so:

  • Ranking on Google
  • Creating a good readership of your articles
  • Establish better understanding
  • Building your blog from scratch
  • Attracting email list opt-ins and lot more.

I am elaborating a few tips to write article better than you used to do it before and initiate a new change in your blogging efforts.

You don’t need to pursue any special literary training, neither you have to devote months and years in understanding how to write like a pro. If you dip into the given points, I am damn sure that you will be writing cool stuff right from that moment. Content is actually the essence of digital marketing and content and graphics readable for human is the need of every digital marketing project to succeed. Humancreativecontent is a great place to get on-demand quality content, images, photography and more.

Content Research is required for a strong base

Your article needs to be the packet of information and knowledge throughout the read. To make it possible, you need to conduct a logical and conclusive research. Now you have to collect a big part of information. I have seen so many articles being treated humorously on the grounds of less to the point knowledge covered in it. The trees of hazy notions do not have strong roots and thence they collapse very soon.

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Cite the source of pictures and creatives

In my views it is necessary to cite the source from where you brought images or thoughts. DMCA is not the only reason to discourage plagiarism, On the heads of public policy even a single line copied is a wicked act. In a nutshell, “Stealing content is always discouraged. Does not matter how smartly and wickedly you do it.

There are so many reasons and advantages why you should cite the source from where you import thoughts and information:

  • It makes information clear and authoritative
  • If you’ve cited an authority site, none but a fool can prove you wrong
  • The writer who wrote it after turning no stone unturned gathering that info will like your kind mention
  • Your content now is the refrain of that page
  • Citing the source is the symbol of your kind-heartedness
  • It is proven that outbound links increase rankings

Include Universal Truth (If appropriate)

In case your point is based on a universal truth or a popular saying, you must mention it in a blockquote or in bold text in between the article. In case your points match the context of a universal truth or a popular saying, it becomes optional to insert it or not which is totally up to you then. Universal truth are already proven and you don’t have to prove your points if based on those UT’s. Universal Truths and Popular saying give not only a strong base but also improve the style of your writing. These little teasers work like a panacea to write indelible, inimitable and credible content.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes with Grammarly

None but a blockhead like to read an article full of  the spell and grammar mistakes. If you want your readers to take you seriously, you have to proofread your article first otherwise everyone will be picking holes in your content. You can avoid all the Typos(spelling errors) and grammatical mistakes with the best online proofreading tool, Grammarly. Neat and Clean content is user-friendly and is shared like a skyrocket. A blog post containing so many errors is never tolerated by the readers and this way you seldom lose readers.

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Spoil it with Keyword stuffing if you do not intend to rank

Keyword stuffing can not be concealed in any manner. Not only crawlers but readers of the present age are smart enough to see it. Keyword stuffing apparently looks like “Writing to rank only”. The actual aim of SEO copyrighting is to provide useful and helpful content first and optimize it later. And SEO copywriters know “How to write like a professional writer and rank an article on the first page?” While writing your articles for both Search engines (for rank) and for your audience (for a good readership and understanding), you have to be very careful. Your article need not look like a river of keywords and keywords only. 4% keyword density is enough for ranking on the first page.

All I can say that, Do not give excessive weight to On page optimization. There are 200+ Google ranking signal and you have to dig them also.

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Divide your content into expedient headings, sub-headings, ordered and unordered lists

In order to give your content a pro feel, you ought to divide your post into headings and lists. Well-structured posts are always readable as it allows a reader to understand the whole outline very quickly. You can divide a long story into chapters, scenes, and parts. Well-structured articles are appreciated and shared well in comparison with other non-divided articles.

Keep your favorite book with you while writing

You may get a confusion while writing and copying your favorite writer’s writing style. Having your favorite book in front of you at the time when you are writing helps a lot in writing error free content. One can get so many thoughts if he is hooked to his favorite book. My favorite book is “the Merchant of Venice”, an amazingly written drama by William Shakespeare. This book was introduced to me as a study material in 12th standard and became my love when I bought a translated version of the book.

Books are the undying friends and give you endless knowledge.

Call to Actions (CTA)

If placed and used efficiently with a well planned strategy, call to actions can turn the tables of your blogging career. Now you must be saying “Vashishtha!, I don’t like tall talks.” But try to understand what I am saying. If you fail to ask your audience for an action, how you wish to do some good business with your blog. Include a call to action when you think that the reader might be losing interest in your article or at the time when he is in the full swing. This not only increase the engaging power of your content but also enhances the quality of your writings.

Over to you

This was all from my end and I believe that as many minds as many opinions and thoughts.  If you are a beginner, tell me how far this article helped you and if you’re a pro, let me know what special you do while writing content that your readers are hooked to your blog.

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About the Author: Vashishtha Kapoor

Explorer, Brother, Blogger and Ellie Goulding Fan. Lives in New Delhi, India.


  1. The blog post which you explained here looks attractive and inspiring one. I loved the way of your writing and professional tone.

    Keep blogging and rock the world dear.!

    Best regards
    Sathish S

  2. Writing a professional kind of content doesn’t need literary training. Many professional writers came from different places, have different jobs, interest and didn’t go through literary training.

    Passion and willingness to help other people are most of the reasons why a professional content is created.

    I concur with you researching, using useful, relevant and high quality images, keyword, and proofreading are the basics that you need to consider, most especially your target market.

    CTAs do help to draw attention if placed right and used effectively.

    Additionally, to be professional in writing and to successfully publish your work, you have to start with your heart and use your knowledge.

  3. Hi Vashishtha,
    I will begin by stating that this post was “professionally written”. The way you created and presented your words shows you have mastered writing like a professional.

    On the topic at hand, yes, one can write like a professional without any exalted literary training.

    The basic requirement to improved writing is reading and practice. If one consistently practice good writing from professional write-ups then it becomes easier to become a professional writer.

    These days it is expedient to write in styles that are popular with web skimmers and scanners.

    Hence, to write professionally, one needs to follow a blog/mentor/influencer that presents writings in a manner that persuades the reader at the shortest notice!

    I left this comment in as well.

    1. Hi sunny!
      I am totally agreed with you. And thanks for adding more points in this writeup and increasing the value as well. I am not sure about how good I am at writing but your words mean more than $1000 to me. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your quick review.
      Have a blessed day.

  4. Hi Vashishtha
    Thanks for sharing these vital points in creating wonderful posts!
    Yes, the tips you mentioned here are really worth aVashishthace while creating content.
    Research is good and the cross references if need to be quoted in the content when you mention some vital points, that is always good to do. This can be done at the bottom of the content page by using a note like END NOTE or something like that, surely that gives a clear picture about your research,
    And of course mentioning the picture source is a must, i have noted that even in some pro bloggers pages they take pics from different sources but never mention the source and they are free from punishment too! This really surprise me, under copyright act one need to mention the pic source.
    Thanks Vashi for opening up these points to ponder upon
    Good one keep writing
    ~ P V

    1. Yes Philip Sir!
      If I tell you honestly, you have a big hand teaching my some lessons of writing skills. Whether directly or indirectly, I have learned a lot from you and your page. And the end note idea is really derived from your blog.
      And pictute source is the most crucial thing while embedding them on your articles.
      Thanks for you kind feedback. Much appreciated.
      Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Vashishtha,
    Congratulations on another great post.
    Research is must before writing about any topic.
    It not only help you to write professionally but also help you write quickly. As you have more info about a particular in mind, you can write more quickly and efficiently.
    And another thing dividing the content into headings and subheadings makes it easier for readers to scan the content. On other hand you can structure the blog post with heads and subheads so that you can easily complete the post quickly.
    All the tips are very useful.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Ramsai Bro!
      I am always grateful to you that you’re the most active person on my page. And am more than happy to know that you like my writing.
      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your comment.

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