YoKart : A Platform to Build Multivendor Marketplace With Superb Features

Starting an eCommerce marketplace presents a world of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The potential is so great that every nook and corner of the society has some demands from the service industry, which can easily be filled by starting an online marketplace. An old proverb, which states that necessity is the mother of all inventions, is rightfully said as most successful eCommerce startups are based on the needs of the society.


Starting a multivendor ecommerce marketplace is one of the best online business ideas. However, starting it can be confusing unless proper research has been done. To save you the trouble, I have reviewed YoKart, a multivendor ecommerce platform, which is performing well in the startup ecosystem and provides all the necessary features for an entrepreneur to start his new ecommerce venture. Let us take a closer look at its features, which makes it different from others.


YoKart is offered in three different plans, such as:

  • For Startups ($250)
  • Go Quick ($999)
  • Go Custom ($5999)

The “For Startups” plan is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to venture into the ecommerce ecosystem and test the unknown waters to see how their business idea performs. It comes with a hosted platform in which customizations are not allowed. The “Go Quick” plan comes with self-hosted version, where customizations are allowed. In the “Go Custom” plan, the entire design is custom made to suit business requirements.

User Interface

Google’s material design has been extensively used throughout the YoKart platform. The admin dashboard provides useful insights by showing information about new users, order sales, new shops, earnings, recent orders, withdrawal requests, and more.

It also provides catalog option, which categorizes according to different shops, product brands, product categories, product reviews, filters and more. The buyers and suppliers option provides supplier approval requests, and cancellation requests. The affiliates option allows the admin to modify affiliate users and Withdrawal requests.

The CMS option enables the admin to make changes in collection management, content pages, banner management, empty cart management, and discount coupons. The Orders option allows the admin to keep a close eye on Customer orders, Vendor orders, Withdrawal requests, and Return requests to help run the store in a healthy form.

The extensive Reports generation option generates reports on Sales, Users, Products, Tax, Commissions, and Affiliates. In the Settings options, admin can do Country management, change Commission settings, add Payment methods, make Database backups as well as database restore.

Easy to Manage

YoKart’s general setting lets the admin change the company logo, office address, footer, favicon, watermark image and more. The local setting gives the option to change the language, time zone, country, currency, allowed mime types, and more. It also provides an option to change SEO related settings by providing meta information, and site tracker code for integrating Google analytics.

It comes with essential APIs such as, live chat API, which can be used to specify the integration code of the live chat app, other third-party APIs include Facebook app id, twitter app key, Google plus developer key, and more. Facebook open graph, twitter cards, sitemap, and structured data is handled automatically with YoKart.

Useful Insights

YoKart comes loaded with robust report generation feature to present e-commerce statistics. Detailed reports for sales, users, products, shops, tax, commissions, and affiliates get generated for the admin to see and track the performance of the store.


The price plans and social media updates all point towards that YoKart is geared to promote the startup ecosystem. Upon checking other reviews of YoKart, the presence of YoKart across major online magazines was observed. The YoKart platform takes startup initiative seriously and it shows through their commitment of helping entrepreneurs by turning their dream into reality.


YoKart follows MVC architecture and by using open source technologies like PHP, YoKart enables even an amateur programmer to customize the platform. However, customizations require collaboration with the YoKart team as the script is partially encrypted. YoKart is not made on top of WordPress, or Magento and due to this reason, it provides an added level of security as it does not share the same vulnerabilities as other open source frameworks.

YoKart comes at an economical price and packs more features than its counterparts such as CS-Cart. In addition to this, it also comes with 1-year free technical support. Due to these factors, it serves as the perfect e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs to build their store on.