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Are you a gaming lover? I am also one.

Yesterday, my brother downloaded a game in my smartphone and i checked it in midnight. And once I gave it a look, I am stuck with it. I would love to introduce you guys with this amazing mobile game.

Zonkey Escape is a a wonderful new concept in children’s mobile gaming. The fun begin with characters Zeedonk and his wacky sister Deebra. Their mother is a Zeebra and their father is a Donkey – that makes them high kicking zonkeys!


Unpredictable fun begins the moment a player enters the world of these two mischievous, misfit Zonkeys. Zeedonk, the boy and Deebra, the girl, have evenly matched skills. You’ll need both hands to steer your mobile device, tilting left and right while pushing buttons to make the Zonkeys jump, kick, eat, and swim. Press “Play” and free your inner Zonkey!

Check out their Youtube Channel for videos about the game and updates here.


Now available for iPhone and iPad at iTunes and for Android phones and tablets at Google Play, Zonkey Escape is slapstick humor, with absolutely no guns or gore. Download is completely free.
Re-defining interactive, Zonkey Escape requires players to really move the mobile device to guide the antics of the free-spirited Zonkeys.

Not just Smartphone, It can give your kids some funny moments on Computer as well.

pc game

There is no problem if you want to play the game on your desktop or laptop. A desktop version of the game is also available on the site to indulge in the ultimate fun with these zonkeys.

Apart from this stunning funny game, their site has a Zonkey map Of world for your kids to have fun learning geography and the creatures. Liked the game? Please rate here.

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