How You Can Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

LinkedIn, one of the most popular social networks, is mostly used by professionals to connect and network with their peers and potential mentors. The platform is filled with professionals from almost all industries. That is the reason why this social media platform is ripe for lead generation.

LinkedIn can bring a large number of leads to a business and provide other opportunities like speaking engagements, joint ventures, and referrals. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how they can use LinkedIn to generate leads. So, in this article, Alex from Health Links & VM Interactive highlights a few ways in which LinkedIn can be used for lead generation.

Ways to Generate Leads from Linkedin

1. Polish the LinkedIn Profile

Business professionals should take some time to polish their profile to ensure that it clearly describes what they do and what their strengths are. Summary and headline are critical, so they should be made more compelling.

Furthermore, the LinkedIn profile should be optimized. This means that the content of the LinkedIn profile should be optimized for searches. The search algorithm of LinkedIn works in pretty much the same manner as Google’s. Therefore, the optimization practices used in Google can be used for LinkedIn as well.

When a business professional is filling their information on a LinkedIn profile, they should focus on search engine optimization (SEO). They should keep all the information on their profile SEO-friendly. For example, if a business professional is interested in B2B business, then keywords like B2B business, B2B company, B2B marketing should be present on your profile.

2. Connect

Business professionals should connect with their past and current contacts and focus on establishing relationship with professionals who already trust them. A simple search on LinkedIn allows business professionals to find people they are familiar with and connect with them. Connecting with other professionals allows an individual to find opportunities to generate leads through their networks.

Business professionals should also search for potential prospects and invite them into their network.

3. Use LinkedIn Pulse to Publish Posts

Servme reports that prospects are more interested in business offers that come from sources with more authority in their niche. Consistently publishing educational blog posts and articles about the industry on LinkedIn can drive more traffic to a website and also position the business as a powerful influencer in its space.

LinkedIn users can use LinkedIn Pulse to post articles and blog posts. They can include images, links and videos in their content to make it more appealing for the audience. What’s great about publishing on LinkedIn is that the blog posts and article on a website can simply be repurposed for LinkedIn.

4. Use Advertising Options

Business professionals can also use sponsored content to generate more leads on LinkedIn. Sponsored content is more effective than regular content because it can be targeted towards users who aren’t followers. LinkedIn sponsored content provides detailed and specific targeting options. The people who’ll get to see the updates featured by a user can be targeted to ensure that only the prospects interested in the offer see the advertising content.

5. Sponsored Campaigns with InMail

Sponsored campaigns with InMail allow LinkedIn users to cut through the clutter and directly reach the inboxes of LinkedIn users who may be interested in doing business with them. Business professionals can use the InMail service to send compelling offers and high-quality content to targeted users. InMail is currently available only to premium members. 

When writing a message for InMail, business professionals should keep the focus on the recipient. They should not just start off with their offer. Instead, the message should highlight the potential problems faced by the prospect and then show how the offer can help solve their problem. Furthermore, the subject line of the message should be personalized while the tone should be kept friendly and interesting.

6. Engage in Group Conversations

There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn and countless conversations are taking part in these groups. These discussions allow a business to connect with other professionals in their field as well as establish their authority by answering questions related to their niche. LinkedIn professionals can also include links in their answers to drive traffic to their website. However, the conversation should be helpful and not motivated by sales.


In a nutshell, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for businesses that want to generate more leads. By following the practices highlighted above, business professionals can master the art of generating leads through LinkedIn.